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Forums: How to Use

Tarot.com is thrilled to introduce you to our new Forums. Engage in your favorite divination topics here! Our community is filled with so many diverse, fun, unique individuals and we wanted to provide you all with a place to meet and interact with one another. Our new system is simple, easy to use across different devices, and makes member communication more straightforward and fun. We've incorporated new tools and features that make the forums a place you'll want to return to daily. Read More »

Tarot.com Forum Rules

If you use the forums on Tarot.com, you should be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit can be read, collected, or used by other users Read More »

Social Media: How to Unlink

As social media becomes a more important part of our daily lives, many of us are using Facebook Connect or Google+ to set up accounts with Tarot.com. This is a fun and easy way to share Tarot.com content with all your friends through social media. But if you decide you'd like to unlink your social media accounts or change the settings, that's easy to do, too.Follow these simple steps to unlink your Facebook or Google+ accounts from Tarot.com: Read More »

It's the New Daily Horoscope Newsletter!

If you subscribe to the Tarot.com Daily Horoscope newsletter (which many of you do), you're in for a sweet surprise!We're rolling out a redesign to give the newsletter a fresh look and feel Read More »

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