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Beautiful India: 6,000 Years of Civilization and Counting

I spent eight months in India four decades ago. I was 21 and roaming the planet without specific plans or goals, other than to become enlightened, then save the world -- preferably before age 25. Read More »

Waiting for Angie

The year was 2023 (no worries, it's just a random pick, it doesn't really matter what year it was -- although the sooner the better), when a woman named Angie woke up one beautiful morning and realized that she was sick and tired of war. She decided it was high time to put a stop to that nonsense. Read More »

Visualize Effort!

For the last few decades I have been hearing about the power of visualization, and I'm pretty sure that it works -- to some extent anyway (although I have to admit that a part of me gets rather annoyed every time I hear someone talk about it). I finally figured out that the reason the subject of visualization irritates me is because it's a little like a bribe; an attempt to achieve a goal by means of corruption. Read More »

Don't be tricked by love this Full Moon

Don't be fooled by this week's Full Moon in Virgo! We're being misled from reality by the Moon's shady aspects to Neptune and Jupiter, confusion from Mercury Retrograde and love planet Venus in dreamy Pisces. The planets are setting us up for major romantic delusions! You'll need to stay sharp so you won't get tricked by love. Read More »

The Essential Invisible You

Scientists, God bless their clever minds, today have methods and instruments that can measure pretty much anything under the Sun. Instruments that vary in size from so small that they are practically invisible to the human eye, to a particle collider with a 17 mile circumference. There are telescopes floating miles above our planet and seismic instruments planted deep into Earth. We study and measure everything. Even brainwaves. Read More »

A Binary God

It's human, and perfectly sensible, to expect things to change and mature toward some kind of climax -- as everything in nature eventually does. The evolution of living creatures -- of everything, actually -- always consists of a beginning, a middle, and presumably, an end (unless Darwinism is not your thing). The only limitation in recognizing this fact is time. A lot of it. It can take thousands, millions, even billions of years for this progression to complete itself. And since total destruction of the universe has not yet happened, most of creation is still in the middle stage. Read More »

The Numerology of Santa Claus

All around the world, people celebrate their version of a mythical holiday gift-giver. In countries like Russia, Germany and Finland, he's known as Father Christmas. The Dutch call him Sinterklaas. Read More »

Faith, Grace and Coincidences

Coincidences have always intrigued me. Not just the event or chain of events that could be considered coincidental, but the mechanics behind them. Read More »

A Consciousness of Feeling

Evolution is a work in progress, and no one says you can't help it along a bit. In fact, many people do. When a person fights for what is right, sacrifices his or her time and effort to further a worthy cause, teaches children how to read and write and love each other, or devotes time in meditation or a quest for a deeper understanding, then that person pushes evolution forward, and I am pretty sure that has its own reward. What's interesting to me is the way evolution prioritizes. Read More »

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