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Ahhh...FINALLY Some Relief!

Stress, anxiety, lack of energy -- imbalances in our minds, bodies, and spirits can make us sick! And when these symptoms start to overshadow your quality of life, getting through each day can begin to feel impossible. Just as the old saying goes, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." But how can you ensure optimal health when you already feel poorly and are overwhelmed with how and where to begin? A powerful remedy is within your reach... Read More »

FULL MOON: This Cosmic Disorder Won't Be Easy!

Life is about to get overwhelming! Logic is getting tangled up with emotion in a major way due to the Full Moon in Gemini. This scattered energy coupled with additional planetary friction could make you feel like you have the world at your feet, and yet NOTHING is making sense! Read More »

WOW! That's Not Who You Expected...

True love can appear when you least expect it -- and in the next few days don’t be shocked if it does! Venus is making an exciting connection with unpredictable Uranus and this wild energy is headed straight for your love life. A romantic interest may catch you off guard or you may be drawn to someone that isn't your typical match. Either way, you will be pleasantly surprised! Read More »

5 Ways to Practice Yoga Anywhere in the World

This article provided to by Jaclyn Mishal, certified yoga instructor and Co-Founder of Pink Pangea. Finding the time -- and space -- to incorporate yoga while traveling can be challenging. Read More »

WARNING! It's About To Get Cut-Throat...

Be warned today is NOT going to be easy. The Sun is forming a powerful connection with Mercury in Scorpio that is stirring up trouble and making it feel like everyone is out for themselves! Unexpected double crossing, unsavory personal dealings, and money issues are just a few of the things that you need to be prepared for. Read More »

Something Feels ... Different...

Trust your intuition. You hear it all the time -- but what does this really mean? Your inner voice is your personal compass. It keeps you honest and true to yourself, but also lets you know when something is off. When you are not in touch with this interior force, you may experience sleepless nights, feelings of frustration, and insecurity. So if you've been feeling a little disconnected from yourself lately, you can blame Neptune Retrograde! Read More »

Your Personality Might Be What...

Are you great at some things and not so great at others? Maybe you're highly creative, but you don't understand spreadsheets. Or perhaps you have a knack for keeping long-time friends, but get bored in your romantic relationships. Well, get this: There is a mathematical explanation for who you are and everything you do! The numbers in your unique Numerology chart define your personality and skills. Read More »

NEW MOON: This One Is EXTRA Special...

This New Moon in Scorpio isn't your average New Moon! Loaded with transformative energy, this is a time that is full of promise and possibility. According to Expert Astrologer Maria DeSimone, "Wherever this lunation falls in your chart will illuminate exactly where you can initiate the kind of shift that will have intense effects for some time to come." Read More »

Life Is About to Get a Lot Easier...

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes. Bad luck, relationship drama, career setbacks -- all these issues can throw you off course and leave you feeling a little lost -- but you are not alone! Right now passionate Mars is in Virgo, offering you a dynamic boost of energy and a free ride into positive territory! But don't wait, because this momentum won't last long... Read More »

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