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Proceed With Caution

Have you been feeling a little off lately? If so, you can blame one of the MOST CHALLENGING astrological events of the year -- Saturn in Sagittarius! This contrasting energy can bring about a major reality check. Important goals, personal beliefs, and dreams that you have been holding on to for a long time will be put to the test. This internal struggle CAN deliver a phenomenal reward -- but only if you let it. Read More »

Winter Solstice: Expect a Breakthrough!

Hope has arrived! Winter Solstice is upon us and now is your chance to make a breakthrough and finally put the darkest days of the year behind you. Shed light on your past and present now so you can move on to a brighter future! Begin by looking at your personal timeline of events so you'll know which steps to take next. By understanding your current situation and what's going to happen in the near future, you'll be prepared to make your move. Take your first step forward with this... Read More »

You Are at a Major Crossroad!

Do you feel a breakthrough could be just around the corner ... but it's still out of reach? You need a fresh burst of energy to get there! Well, get ready, because with Astrology, Tarot AND Numerology combined, your opportunity to expand your self-awareness is tremendous. By working together, these three ancient divination systems can energize you with the strength, confidence, and motivation to make a fresh start. But before you can take that first step forward, you must activate your most powerful inner resources... Read More »

Shocking! Someone You Might Not Expect

Fantastic news: Our Master Astrologers all agree that today's planetary alignment between love planet Venus and transformational Pluto is packed with phenomenal love energy! And while this is good news for couples, it's EVEN BETTER news for anyone who's looking for love right now. The potential to meet your best match is closer than you think! Read More »

Ring in the New Year Retrograde-Free!

You know that feeling of taking one step forward ... but two steps back? You put all your energy and intention into starting, advancing and finishing up things in your life, but no matter what you do you're just not making any progress. Ahh yes, welcome to the world of retrograde! Read More »

Was That … A Dragon?

Are you a Rabbit, a Dragon, or a Tiger? The biggest problem people have with Chinese Astrology is that it essentially lumps everyone born under the same year into the same sign -- which can feel a little too general, right? But contrary to popular belief, not all Chinese signs are created equal -- and those unique differences make ALL the difference! Read More »

2016: Reveal Your Personal Theme!

What will be your personal theme for 2016? When you look back on the past, certain years really seem to stick out -- some may have been filled with success, while others were more difficult. 2016 is going to be a "9" Universal Year for everyone, but it's your Personal Year Number that directly influences what you will experience in the year ahead. Plus with today being 12/12 -- the numbers are strong and the energy is perfect for looking forward. Read More »

GET READY: A Sudden Encounter Could...

Do you believe in soul mates? Not everyone does, but today's New Moon, inspired by a magical Venus-Neptune connection, is urging you to think twice! Plato's "split-apart" theory suggests that every human being is part of one soul that has been separated, and the two halves will search tirelessly for one another until they come back together as a whole. Read More »

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