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We Couldn't Believe This Either...

Get ready for unparalleled access to some amazing supernatural energy! The Sun in mysterious Scorpio is making a phenomenal connection with spiritual Neptune -- lifting the veil to the underworld and bringing forth a powerful opportunity for YOU! This rare access to the spiritual world may heighten your intuition and sharpen your ability to tap into the unseen forces influencing your life right now -- but you need to be ready for it! This window will be closing soon, so use the wisdom of Tarot to... Read More »

OH MY! This Will Make You Blush...

Let's talk about sex! Why? We've learned some stimulating facts that show it can drastically improve your overall life and health. From boosting your self-esteem and happiness to reducing stress and anxiety -- it's a total win-win. Read More »

Did You HEAR That?

Nature is a powerful force -- no one can deny that! Yet with the invention of modern dwellings, technology, and our busy daily lives, we tend to stay disconnected from the beneficial habitat that surrounds us. Read More »

Your Intuition Won't Lie About...

One of our favorite Tarot decks to use here at is Gill Tarot, which is inspired by the Tree of Life -- one of the most powerful symbols of interconnectedness in all of classical and ancient literature, philosophy and mythology. We've found there is no better way to stimulate your intuition and connect with your higher self! Read More »

WARNING: Your Dreams Are Trying Telling You...

You are falling ... and just before you hit the ground ... you wake up in a panic! Sound familiar? Good, bad, reoccurring or just downright strange -- your dreams are loaded with meaning! And while you may not remember every detail, the feelings you experience will often remain. So what is really going on here? Read More »

Don't Miss This RARE Glimpse At...

Are you an "old soul?" Most of us have lived many, many lifetimes, but some souls are actually much older than others. According to ancient Eastern beliefs about reincarnation, being an old soul means your journey on Earth is drawing to an end as your soul evolves toward the next stage of being. So, how can you find out if YOU are an old soul? Read More »

The Worst IS OVER...

Things are about to get A LOT better -- Mercury Retrograde is finally ending! So after three weeks of frustrating problems and delays, you can finally put all your energy into moving forward. But first, you must shake off any lingering negativity so you can see all the possibilities in front of you... Read More »

The Supermoon

Why does the Moon sometimes appear so big and bright that we call it a "Supermoon?" It's because the Moon's orbit is not a perfect circle, so it comes closer to the Earth Read More »

What WAS That?

Whether you realize it or not, the past is haunting you. Unexplained fears, strange dreams, odd birth marks, moments of deja vu ... these mysteries can be explained by delving into your past lives! Very few people can remember their past lives, but who you were 1,000 years ago directly affects your success in this life. Not knowing what happened in other lifetimes can block you from becoming who you are meant to be now! It's time to step through the doorway of time and awaken your soul's memories... Read More »

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