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WATCH OUT! Your Dark Side Is Emerging...

We all have a dark side, and with Pluto -- the planet of hidden truths -- going retrograde today, your own dark side may be exposed to the one you love! With the right person this could actually bring you closer together, giving you an opportunity to deepen your connection. But if you lack true compatibility, things may become challenging. Read More »

BURN! This Could Hurt…

We’re told to have an open heart and embrace all of love’s possibilities ... but with passionate Venus moving into flirty, social and spontaneous Gemini today, you may change your mind, feelings, and actions so fast it could threaten the stability of your relationship! Read More »

The Full Moons of 2015

Full Moons bring potent energies of endings and change -- and there's a Full Moon every single month! How the Moon affects you depends on where  it is in the sky at any given moment. Below, see and share every Full Moon of 2015 -- including the extra Blue Moon! Then, learn more about your own unique Moon sign with a FREE Cosmic Profile here. Read More »

An Epic Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is March 20, 2015 ... but that's not all that's happening that day! March 20 also brings the Sun's entry into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which kicks off the Astrological New Year. What's more, there's Read More »

EXCITING! Check Out Changes at

Years ago, introduced an innovative feature: Orbs! And the Orbs were awesome and let many people "buy" fun free items to dress up their zodiac characters on our site... In recent years, however, the use and support of Orbs has gradually declined. After conducting a user survey last year, has decided to discontinue Orbs for good. We are reaching out to you because our records indicate you had Orbs or used them in the past. Read More »

Right Now Your Mission Is...

It's never easy doing "inner work" to improve yourself, but today Saturn Retrograde is making it MUCH easier -- and this won't happen again for another year! As the big, beautiful "ringed planet" turns backward now, you'll have greater strength and discipline than ever! Read More »

Good Fortune Is Yours Today!

Now that we've begun the Chinese Year of the Sheep, it's time to put the past behind and look forward to a calmer year ahead. To celebrate, we're putting our 9-Star Ki Astrology Forecast on sale for 50% off for just a short period of time! This is the perfect tool to use to decipher your personal predictions for the entire Year of the Wood Sheep -- and trust us, this year is going to be extremely rewarding! Read More »

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