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Valentine's Day 2015 Horoscope

Love it or hate it, you can't escape it! Valentine's Day is Saturday, February 14, 2015, and you can bet the cosmos will have a say in how this day of romance plays out for you. With Mercury just turning direct, the Moon moving from fiery Sagittarius to serious Capricorn, and a dreamy hook-up between Venus and Jupiter, which way will the energies go? Watch as Rick Levine explains the Astrology of Valentine's Day 2015 below! Read More »

Remembering Astrologer Jeff Jawer

It is with heavy hearts that we announce to you the passing of Master Astrologer and dear friend Jeff Jawer. Jeff passed peacefully on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, under hospice care after briefly battling lung cancer. He was surrounded by an infinite flow of compassion, respect and positive energy from loved ones, including his wife Danick and two daughters, Laura and Lyana. Read More »

There WILL Be Consequences...

Happiness is a choice, but knowing which choices will bring you there is not always clear. Making the right decisions has been even more difficult with Mercury Retrograde the past three weeks, but fortunately clarity will return tomorrow as Mercury begins moving forward. Even the smallest decisions can change the entire course of your life, and although you may think you know what's best in your heart, how can you really know? Use the power of Tarot to find out! Read More »

Zodiac Characters of the Past

They're finally here! We at recently rolled out our new zodiac signs for 2015, but we want to preserve these illustrations of our old zodiac signs Read More »

Your Secret Power Is...

Here's to strong women! All that women do throughout our lives is amazing -- raising children, building careers, cultivating personal relationships, staying healthy, caring for family members... Wow! How do you succeed at all of these important roles and expectations? You don't have to be a goddess to be powerful and successful, but you do need to find a way to access your deepest inner sources of strength. Are you ready? Astrology holds one of the most powerful secrets to becoming that intuitive and confident woman you know you can be... Read More »

Meet Our New Zodiac Signs!

We know that your zodiac sign is a big part of your identity. It's something to love and be proud of! So we've got some BIG news: we've given our zodiac signs on a major makeover! Your zodiac sign represents the core of your being, and should be something you can truly connect with mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and visually. In our embrace of community and simplicity, we've listened to your feedback and made big changes! Read More »

You Are at a MAJOR Crossroad...

Do you feel a breakthrough could be just around the corner ... but it's still out of reach? You need a fresh burst of energy to get there! Well, get ready, because with Astrology, Tarot AND Numerology combined, your opportunity to expand your self-awareness is tremendous.By working together, these three ancient divination systems can energize you with the strength, confidence, and motivation to make a fresh start. But before you can take that first step forward, you must activate your most powerful inner resources... Read More »

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