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The "Void of Course" Moon

Our daily horoscopes often refer to a "Void-of-Course Moon," an Astrology term that might confuse some of us -- even though it happens quite frequently. What exactly is a Void-of-Course Moon, how often does it happen and what does it mean? Read More »

This Full Moon Will Attract Beauty and Wealth!

The Full Moon in Taurus is heightening everyone's desire for beautiful surroundings. Take a look around! Everything in your immediate environment (items both large and small) affects your mood, your comfort and even your outlook on the future.  So make sure everything is placed where it can make the biggest impact! Read More »

11/12/13... Are You Ready for 14?

There's no time like the present to look into your future. Today is 11/12/13 ... and this rare sequence won't happen again in your lifetime! You don't want to miss this opportunity to see what's coming next.When you know what lies ahead, the fog of confusion clears, the fears diminish, and the challenges can't knock you off course. Knowledge is power in 2014. Read More »

Exhale -- Mercury Retrograde No More!

Did you hear that? It was the collective sigh of relief as Mercury Retrograde nears the end. After three confusing weeks of misunderstandings and blocked momentum, Mercury will finally start moving forward -- and so can you!This is an ideal time to make big decisions and start a new cycle. Efficiency, problem solving, and preparation are all highlighted now, but it's up to you to make this opportunity count! Read More »

Your 2014 Love Forecast Is Here!

These are trying times when it comes to love. Romance has been on rough terrain all year, thanks to Uranus square Pluto. This unstable energy is especially potent right now due to the exact square we experienced last week. And it's happening all next year, too, rocking relationships everywhere.So what can you do about it? Get a map! Nothing creates more confidence and stability than being prepared for what's to come. We've got you covered... Read More »

Mercury Retrograde: Exhausted? This Is Why...

If you feel like the last few weeks have been awful, there is a reason: Mercury Retrograde! This tricky planet of communication went retrograde on October 21, and unless you make an effort to outsmart this astrological event, the next week will probably feel crummy, too. Read More »

This Solar Eclipse Is Twice as Strong!

Tomorrow's New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, which makes its energy twice as potent! This extraordinary event is happening in the intense sign of Scorpio, giving you the emotional strength to recharge your whole mind, body and soul. But you can't just show up unprepared!If you want to experience a fresh perspective and brilliant new opportunities, you've got to be ready for them. So how can you prepare to receive this level of intensity? You need to clear your mind and press your personal "reset" button. Here's how... Read More »

Nightmares of the Zodiac

It's that time of year again, when Americans like to scare themselves with ghosts, goblins and the rest of Halloween's spooky tomfoolery. Read More »

Your Mind Is Playing Tricks on You...

Halloween is full of mysteries, but your chances for love don't need to be one of them. What questions are keeping you up at night? Get the answers you are looking for with a Love Celtic Cross Tarot reading and stop getting frightened by uncertainty. Read More »

Expect Intense Dreams and More...

There's no denying it, your dreams have a profound effect on you!  Trying to piece together what you remember can haunt you throughout the day, even into the next. And as the Sun and Neptune align now, your dreams will intensify. Let the hidden messages of your dreams come through clearly with an Astrology Dreams Profile. Read More »

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