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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Awaken Your Past Lives

It's the last Lunar Eclipse of the year, and this one could give you either an identity crisis ... or an awakening! The choice is yours, as this emotionally-charged event opens a Pandora's Box of questions about who you are, how you got here, and where you're going. Step through the doorway of time with the Astrology Reincarnation Report and begin a fascinating exploration of your soul's journey. Read More »

This Could Change Your Life...

Mars, to put it simply, is ENERGY. Its placement in your birth chart tells you about your initiative, courage and sexuality. A focused Mars provides amazing strength and vitality, while a blocked Mars can lead to misguided aggression and frustration. Discover how Mars affects you personally and start living with passion! Read More »

5 Ways to Avoid Stress Today

Take heed today: Tension will be high as the Sun squares Jupiter! And no aspect of our lives -- our self, home or relationships -- will be immune. Instead of letting this confrontational energy bring you to a halt, put yourself in a more positive place with 5 turns. Read More »

Now Is the Best Time...

Now's the best time to make your dreams come true! Why? Because Neptune, the planet of dreams, is in its home sign of Pisces. When planets are in their sign, anything is possible. By combining the external energy of the cosmos with the depth of your internal intuition, a Horoscope Tarot reading can help you realize and reach your aspirations. Read More »

It's the New Daily Horoscope Newsletter!

If you subscribe to the Daily Horoscope newsletter (which many of you do), you're in for a sweet surprise!We're rolling out a redesign to give the newsletter a fresh look and feel Read More »

Holding Back Won't Be Possible

Love planet Venus has just entered adventurous Sagittarius. With Venus in such an open-minded place, your romantic possibilities are endless! Now's the perfect time to really go for it in matters of the heart, so we've created the Burning Question Tarot reading to help you express your feelings and explore your future together. Read More »

Overcome Your Fears

Take a deep breath ... Saturn's in intensely introspective Scorpio, challenging us to delve within and face our fears head-on. This can be frightening, but not if you have a way to overcome your uncertainty. It's possible when you know where your life's biggest challenges lie! The Saturn's Lessons Astrology Report can provide the insight you need to change your mindset and move forward with courage. Read More »

This New Moon Will Change You

This New Moon in Libra begins a new cycle, but it won't be easy getting started! To help you achieve the powerful insight you need to move forward, we've combined the best of Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology in a one-of-a-kind Tarology Card report. Find out which Tarot card, based on your birth date, best represents your personality and ambitions. Read More »

Mission Statement's mission is to provide universal access to time-honored divination systems that support deeper self-knowledge and genuinely mystical experiences, using the Internet and other interactive media. Read More »

Your Future Depends on This...

Every move you make creates karma. And now, as the Sun squares Pluto, the planet of transformation, you have the chance to reinvent your karmic energy! A special Karma Tarot reading reveals the unique karma of any situation you are experiencing right now, and how you can change it for the better. Get this insight to make the right decisions for your future! Read More »

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