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The Aspects

As planets move through the universe, they form angles to one another. These angles indicate the relationship between two planets and how they will work together. Read More »

The Conjunction

Aspect angle: 0 - 8 degrees Favorable. When two planets form a conjunction, they are very close to each other in the sky, and are operating together as a team. Read More »

Copyright and
Legal Information

General Disclaimer: Even though observing your personal cycles can help you see patterns, stimulate your intuition and make better decisions, information delivered by's products and features should be used with common sense. is not responsible for how you interpret or apply astrological or divinatory information. Read More »

MRX: The Heat Is On

Mental Mercury goes retrograde in Leo from July 14 to August 8, just as summer hits its peak! With travel, communication and technology on the fritz, it's wise ... Read More »

Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Daze of Summer

What's not to love about a long, hot, lazy summer? Mercury Retrograde, that's what. Mischievous Mercury goes retrograde in fiery Leo from July 14 to August 8, and it's sure to make our summer vacation plans more crazy than lazy. Read More »

Welcome to a New Age

If bank failures, Occupy movements, Tea Party scandals, environmental threats, and overall economic uncertainty weren't enough signs that we're on the edge of a historical shift, this astrological news will be ... tomorrow, Uranus is square Pluto. And this, my friend, is just the beginning of a whole new age. Read More »

Does Your Work Bring You Joy?

I recently read that 80% of workers polled felt their jobs were "meaningless" -- OUCH! I count myself lucky to have a job I love. Five years ago, I'd never have said that Astrology helped me find my dream job, but today I'm a believer! Why? When you use Astrology to look at your cosmic makeup, you learn what it is you were born to do. Read More »

Take Action with Mars Direct

Action planet Mars is all about moving forward. However, Mars has been stuck in retrograde reverse since late January. Finally, Mars will move direct again on Friday, April 13 at 8:53 p.m. (PDT) / 11:53 p.m. (EDT). And with Mars pushing forward in the competent sign of Virgo, not only will we feel an increase in energy and motivation, but it will be the perfect time to develop new skills and establish constructive habits. Read More »

Massive Solar Storm Flares

Can you feel the vibrations? The strongest solar storm in 5 years erupted on Tuesday, March 6, and its effects are about to smack Earth Read More »

My Journal

Looking for your Readings and Reports journal? Well it’s safe and sound, and soon it will be better than ever! We can’t wait to bring you new features that will make it easier to sort, find, share and view all of your readings and reports. Until then, click here to visit your journal on Original Read More »

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