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How to Do a Serenity Tarot Reading

The famous singer Marvin Gaye once said, "If you cannot find peace within yourself, you'll never find it anywhere else." How true this is! Unfortunately, sometimes it seems as if life gets in the way, and achieving tranquility is harder than it should be. Read More »

What's Your Ex Up To? Prepare to Laugh!

Sure, you may be hurt, mad, or heartbroken... But just look at how your ex is handling the breakup! Follow the steps to check up on your ex Read More »

Find Lasting Love with a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Finding lasting love is not an easy task! When it comes to romance, we here at Tarot.com know that you want more than just answers into your love life -- you want to be sure you'll find your other half. Read More »

The Mandala Tarot: A Different Type of Reading

Mandala is an Eastern term for a consecrated place, a map of the cosmos, or a geometric projection of the world reduced to an essential pattern. A mediator uses a Mandala to identify with the forces of the universe and to collect their power. Read More »

The Benefits of Starting a Daily Ritual

The things you do every day are the things that can impact your life the most. Through our daily rituals and routines, we create a sense of consistency and mindfulness that helps keep us centered when negative emotions, sudden developments, and surprise circumstances come up that could knock us off kilter. Read More »

Unlocking Secrets With the Tarot

Are important secrets about your past, present, and future lurking in the shadows? Find out what they are quickly and easily with the help of the Tarot! Read More »

Heal Your Heart with a Heartbreak Tarot Reading

The disappointment and sadness that comes from a failed romantic connection can be one of the worst pains a person experiences in their lifetime. Read More »

How to Phrase Your Question in a Tarot Reading

The truth that the Tarot provides can feel unbelievably magical. But here's a news flash: the magic of Tarot really comes from you. It's all in your ability to focus on your Tarot reading with real intention and purpose. You'll always finish a Tarot reading with more knowledge and direction than you started with! But the key to a really great Tarot reading is understanding how to phrase your question and making a conscious effort to get real with yourself and your situation. That's what brings out the real magic and creates the "a-ha" moment you're looking for totally possible. Read More »

Get the Answers You Need with a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

When you're faced with a hard decision, or you can't make sense of what's going on in a relationship, or you don't know which steps to take next in life, you'll end up wasting a lot of energy feeling confused and stressed out. And as long as you stay stuck in this dilemma, you aren't allowing yourself to make progress or feel the happiness you deserve. What you need is answers, so you can move your situation forward now... Read More »

Our New FREE Tarot Reading

We are excited to announce that we have just released an all-new FREE 3-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading!This unique reading allows you to sample the first 3 cards in the traditional 10-Card Celtic Cross spread for FREE! Then, we give you the option to continue the reading and choose your remaining 7 cards if you need more clarity.  Read More »

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