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Reveal the Numerology Behind Earth Day

Decode the meaning behind this environmental holiday
Hans Decoz

Every year on April 22, groups and individuals all over the world gather to honor their home planet while bringing awareness to environmental issues that impact the global population. But just how important is this holiday, worldwide? And what kind of message does this eco-holiday send out into the universe? A quick look at the numbers behind the name gives us insight into the importance of Earth Day.

In Numerology, every name has a vibration; it doesn't matter whether the name belongs to a person, place, or specific day. Here, we look at Earth Day's three main numbers -- its Dominant Impression Number, its Vowel Vibration Number, and its Base Vibration Number.

Earth Day was first marked in 1969, the brainchild of environmental and peace activist John McConnell, who felt that the Earth was being taken for granted. As the story goes, he was deeply touched by a photo of the Earth taken from space, and after creating an Earth flag, he attended a gathering at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to suggest the holiday. He felt there should be at least one day a year when all "earthlings" paused to look at the beauty and the resources around them. McConnell was also concerned by the lack of environmental awareness worldwide. 

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Dominant Impression Number

With this history, it's no surprise that the name "Earth Day" has a Dominant Impression Number of 1. In Numerology, 1 is the number of progress -- it promotes independence and leadership. Consider how strange the concept of Earth Day must have sounded when it was first suggested! And yet it's still celebrated, 40 years later. That's because 1 is a highly-charged number with staying power and the ability to effect change. Whether it's related to a day or person, 1 shows a driven, pioneering spirit.

In 1970, Earth Day was made even more official and was permanently placed on April 22. This hints at yet another "1" quality: staying power! 1 also makes Earth Day's general reputation a little aggressive -- it is a day when people look long and hard at their shortcomings when it comes to the environment.  It's also a day to create plans of action and to resolve to live better lifestyles.

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Vowel Vibration Number

The Vowel Vibration Number of Earth Day adds to how the name strikes people. With a Vowel Vibration Number of 7, "Earth Day" has a serious undertone, because it isn't simply a day to look in wonder at the beauty of the world, but to do some worldwide soul-searching. 7 promotes the idea of research and problem-solving on a grand scale. 7 is also the number of wisdom and revelation, so it's no surprise that this is a day when people choose to examine how their habits and choices impact their surroundings and future generations. 

7 also promotes careful judgment and ideals. So while Earth Day can come across as a day that is heavy on information and warnings, it is also a day to dream of a more perfect world. Ultimately, 7 is a very hopeful number, which would explain why we continue to celebrate Earth Day!

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Base Vibration Number

Finally, Earth Day's Base Vibration Number -- the number that reverberates throughout the holiday's name -- is 3, one of the most charming numbers in the field of Numerology. It is the number of life and optimism. If you've ever been to an Earth Day festival, you may have noticed that the majority of celebrants aren't negative, but excited about the possibilities of a new, improved Earth. That's because 3 is an incredibly inspiring number, encouraging people to visualize the best-case scenario -- and run after it!

It may sound like an overly simple name, but "Earth Day" is a perfect choice (Numerologically speaking) for that sunny day in April when we look at how we can all go a bit greener!

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