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Mercury in Aquarius: Your Genius is Showing

Mercury in Aquarius: Your Genius is Showing

The Numerology Talents Profile is the perfect tool to find out what you're amazing at.
Jessica Abel

You've got a cool name! Do you ever wonder if your name is helping or holding you back? Luckily, mental Mercury's recent move in to Aquarius is challenging us to embrace free-thinking and tap in to our inner genius. Meaning, if there was ever a time to live up to our name's potential ... it's now!

The day we were born, our parents carefully chose to give us a name -- and that day and name carry a lot of influence over who we become. In Numerology we're all named for greatness. But that greatness comes in many forms, and if you don't recognize your talents, you may squander them or feel incomplete. Luckily it's easy to find out...

Numerology Talents Profile

The Numerology Talents Profile is the perfect report to run while the planet of thought is in the realm of the genius. It analyzes the vibrations in your name and birthday to show your numerological makeup. You'll see traits about yourself, your relationships, your success path, and steps you can take to maximize your true talents. Believe me, this is one test you can't fail, it's just the thing that brings out your unique talents.

It's true, but when you give things a name, you give them an outcome. Use the Numerology Talents Profile to hone in on your unique skills and abilities before the intellectual planet moves on to wishy-washy Pisces!