Sun Number 4

It's my way or the highway...

Sun Number 4

Based on the Numerology of Hans Decoz

"Just the facts, ma'am." This statement made famous from the detectives in Dragnet explain the systematic, detail-oriented, routine-laden energy of someone with a 4 Sun Number. They're solid, firm, and when change comes a-knockin' ... they don't do much a-rockin'. But because they are so tough and headstrong, they'll often miss valuable opportunities presented to them because of their stubbornness. But don't let that fool you, people with a 4 Sun Number put forth massive amounts of effort.

4s don't really care whether or not they're pleasing someone else ... that's too easy. Nope, the one person that a 4 will always try to impress is themselves. Their passion for perfection is unrivaled against the rest of the Sun Numbers ... which may explain why their concept of relaxation is working just a little bit more.

Accomplishments are one of the most important things in a 4's life. They'll do whatever they can to finish the job -- and because of this they're often seen as mean-spirited or cruel. Which is not the case at all. They just want that darn thing to be perfect!

The most successful 4 Sun Numbers learn that -- every now and then -- it's OK to take a leap of faith. Whether it's at work, in romance, or just life in general, 4s have to accept that nothing in life is guaranteed and something new and exciting could be just around the corner. Now if you could only put down that project and take a peek...

When it comes to romance, you'll never have a better, more devout partner than someone with a 4 Sun Number. The trick is being patient enough to actually win them over! 4s tend to be pretty reserved in relationships and it takes them a long time to fall head over heels for someone ... but when they do, you know that you have a solid partner that has your back.

Compatibility for the Sun Number 4

5: 5s and 4 Sun Numbers get along well because they understand that they both need their distance.

6: These two would be great together because they both take relationships very seriously.

8: A 4 and an 8 would get along great because they both have strong convictions about staying committed to each other.

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