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WARNING! It's About To Get Cut-Throat...

Don't get pushed out of the way!
Tarot.com Staff

Be warned today is NOT going to be easy. The Sun is forming a powerful connection with Mercury in Scorpio that is stirring up trouble and making it feel like everyone is out for themselves! Unexpected double crossing, unsavory personal dealings, and money issues are just a few of the things that you need to be prepared for.

According to astrologer Maria DeSimone, "Your razor-sharp perception will help you make the shrewdest decisions in business." HOWEVER, the problem could be that there will be others experiencing this advantage, which means that the "shrewdness" could be directed at YOU! So how can you stop this drama dead in its tracks and avoid a big disappointment? Use the power of Tarot to take control of your situation and see what is headed your way!

Business and Money Potentials Tarot Reading

A Business and Money Potentials Tarot reading is the perfect tool for gaining perspective during an intense time like this. With card positions like Self, Situation, Challenges/Opportunities, and Allies, this honest spread will reveal what forces are affecting your current situation so that you can pinpoint who and what is helping or hurting you. With this wisdom, you can count on less stress and more prosperity!

Don't get caught off guard! Empower yourself with a Business and Money Potentials Tarot reading.