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The Planets Want You to Have a Happy New Year and So Do We...

The Planets Want You to Have a Happy New Year and So Do We...

50% off a Celtic Cross Tarot reading will guarantee you start off 2013 on the right foot!
Jessica Abel

Whether you call them resolutions, goals or intentions, we all start the New Year with the hope of gaining more happiness, health and prosperity in the future. And good news -- we're getting a planetary head start.

Mercury's well-timed move into serious Capricorn brings a powerful combo of clarity and resolve, making it easier to decide what to leave in the past and what to carry with us into 2013. And with our most popular Tarot Reading on sale for 50% off, we're making it almost impossible to not start the year off right.

Celtic Cross Tarot reading

Make the most of this special New Year's Day with our Celtic Cross Tarot reading at 50% off. This premium 11-card spread is the most popular reading we offer. Why? Because it was designed to tap into all facets of your life -- love, career, health. Coupled with the helpful Capricorn energy, you'll have no questions about how to proceed in the year ahead.

Use today to shift into a new gear and face 2013 head-on with a Celtic Cross Tarot reading ... you can't go wrong at 50% off! Remember that you can also get this reading at no cost with our TrialPay partner offer.