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This Is NOT a Coincidence...

Reveal what the universe is trying to tell you now!
Jessica Abel

Reappearing cards are one of the most fascinating occurrences in a Tarot reading! With 78 cards in the deck, the odds are against it ... but it's such a common occurrence that it shocks even some of us here at Tarot.com. When you start seeing this happen in your own readings, it's a sign that you need to pay close attention!

When one or more of the same cards show up in multiple readings, Tarot becomes a phenomenal tool for self-empowerment. Are you avoiding something or someone? Are you confused about which direction you should take in a particular matter? This type of repetition is the universe trying to send you an urgent message! Here's how to receive it...

Celtic Cross Tarot reading

A Celtic Cross Tarot reading is the foremost spread because it covers all aspects of your life! This 11-card spread helps you gain understanding of your Foundation, Higher Power, Challenges, and (best of all) your Opportunities. If you do this reading once, you'll have no doubts about where the universe is guiding you. And if you do this reading twice or more, you'll see which cards show up multiple times to reveal the urgent messages you are meant to receive!

Take your Tarot readings to the next level! Get your Celtic Cross Tarot reading now to see which cards are insisting you see them. Then, try it again to see if an urgent message repeats! Remember, you can also get this reading for FREE with our TrialPay.