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What you've thought all along is NOT true.
Tarot.com Staff

Are you a Rabbit, a Dragon, or a Tiger? The biggest problem people have with Chinese Astrology is that it essentially lumps everyone born under the same year into the same sign -- which can feel a little too general, right? But contrary to popular belief, not all Chinese signs are created equal -- and those unique differences make ALL the difference!

This ancient practice goes a lot deeper than just your animal sign, so not everyone born the same year as you will exhibit the same traits. The unique element and lunar phase associated with your individual birth date is very influential, and may be affecting your daily life, romantic partnerships, and career much more than you realize! Find out what this means for you personally...

Chinese Astrology Profile

The Chinese Astrology Profile identifies your individual animal sign, element, and lunar phase based upon your personal birth information. Organized by straightforward chapters like "Money and Career," "Health and Recreation," "Love and Sex," and more, this in-depth analysis will give you profound insight that can restore clarity and direction to your life on many levels!

Let ancient Chinese wisdom reveal why there is no one else like you! Get your personalized Chinese Astrology Profile now and explore a completely different side of yourself.