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Your Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: August 2017

Recognize your incredible potential
Brigit Esselmont

Hi I'm Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and I'm here today with the Monthly Tarot Forecast for August 2017. As always I'll be looking at the Blessings, the Challenges, and the Actions for this month.

Blessings card: King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

Let's start with the Blessings card, and we have the King of Pentacles. If you are working on a business venture this month or anything to do with your finances, your career, your work, your business -- anything tangible that you're putting out there -- the King of Pentacles shows you that you are now reaching that final stage of fulfillment. Particularly around money, finances, and career, you'll be seeing a lot of success in that area, so really make the most of it.

Challenges card: The Hermit

The Hermit

When it comes to Challenges, it's an interesting one... We have The Hermit again. Now, we had this last month as well with the Fountain Tarot -- a very different feel to the card. Take a look at this one, and it's this beautiful woman walking through what looks like a desert. To me this is about staying true to your inner truth. What can often happen is that we get kind of lost in the world by listening to the opinions of others and thinking that what other people think you should be doing with your life is the right way. But we start to find that that actually makes us lose our way. Here, with The Hermit, you're being asked to come back to your inner truth. That's really your Challenge, and your opportunity at the same time. Trust that what you know on an intuitive level is the right way for you to go.

Advice card: Three of Wands

Three of Wands

Let's now focus on our Actions and recommended advice for this month, and we have the Three of Wands. What I see in this is that you are surrounded by this opportunity for expansion and growth and development this month. And even better is when you are in full alignment with your full energy and your intuition -- we know the third eye is very much about the intuition.

I see that again with The Hermit and with the King of Pentacles. If we can take our masculine energy of really staking a claim and being very much in the physical world and our success and our place, and we can match it up with our own inner source of truth, and we've got more of the feminine energy happening here, then that's where we can create this beautiful alignment so that more growth and development can happen.

The Three is kind of where you've taken almost like a couple, and you've now introduced a third element to it. It's that space of creativity, and the Wands are very much about the spark, the inspiration, the motivation, the energy, and doing that in alignment with your intuition -- that is where the absolute magic is.

In conclusion...

So, as you're thinking about August what I want you to be thinking about is: Yes, you're creating success in the material world. Now, how can you leverage that success in the material world and integrate it with your soul calling, your inner truth, your alignment to the universe, and then bring all that together and create that amazing amount of growth. This is a powerful month, that's for sure!