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brigit esselmont

Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: December 2016

Everything in moderation
Brigit Esselmont

Hi, I'm Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Forecast for December 2016. I hope you have had an awesome year. This is a really good time to reflect on everything that you've been able to achieve for the year, as you get ready to step into 2017.

Blessings card: The Hermit

The Hermit

For the Blessings, I have The Hermit card. This guy wants us to know: We need to take more time for ourselves! I know that December's a really busy time of the year. There are a lot of social events going on, plus you're probably trying to wrap things up, ready for the new year. So it's easy to get caught up in that day-to-day and caught up in a lot of social activities, but what you also need is some time alone.

The Hermit is also our spiritual teacher, and he's asking you to come back to your spirit and to your soul. Take that time out, reflect, and connect in with your spiritual journey.

Challenge card: Ten of Pentacles, reversed

Ten of Pentacles

OK let's take a look at our Challenges for this month: 10 of Pentacles, well, reversed. December can get very expensive because we do have a lot of social events, and if you celebrate Christmas you're buying lots of presents for family and friends. So, 10 of Pentacles can indicate a time when the finances are struggling a little bit, so if it's really important, maybe set a budget for yourself, so that you don't blow your credit cards out completely, or just accept that December is quite and expensive month and just move through that.

Now the other thing with the 10 of Pentacles reversed is that it can sometimes indicate some discord within the family unit. And again when we're coming up to these celebrations at the end of the year, sometimes they can be amazing, but other times there can be a bit of conflict and tension within the family. Please, just be conscious of this and do whatever you can to not so much avoid the conflict, but deal with it in a really constructive way.

Advice card: Ace of Swords, reversed

Ace of Swords

Finally, our Advice for this month: the Ace of Swords reversed. Sometimes there are thoughts that you're going to have that are better kept to yourself than being shared with others. That's particularly about this 10 of Pentacles reversed and the potential for family conflict. If you feel yourself just about to say something that you think could be quite controversial, particularly within your family, you might want to hold back and not say it, because our words can be very cutting -- hence the Swords -- and even though we think we have power behind those words, they can actually hurt other people and inflict harm. Of course that's not what we want, so be really mindful with your words this month.

Now the other action with the Ace of Swords is that there's another seed being planted: this one is more around your thoughts: the way that you see the world and the way that you organize the world in your mind; your perceptions. So you might start to feel like a bit of a breakthrough -- a mental breakthrough -- emerging as well.

Overall messages

So there you have it -- even though it's December and it's probably the most social month of the year, The Hermit is asking you to please take some time out for yourself and reflect on your spiritual journey for this year. The Ten of Pentacles reversed reminds you that finances may be a little bit chaotic this month, and also to keep in mind the connections you have with your family and trying to deal with that constructively. And the Ace of Swords reversed: be careful of what you say, some things are better left unsaid. You may start to feel a new breakthrough emerging and it hasn't really taken shape or form yet, but it is within you and you can feel it coming out.

I hope you have an awesome month in December and I look forward to connecting with you again in 2017.