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Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: February 2016

Learning to accept what is
Brigit Esselmont

Hi I'm Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Card Forecast for the month of February 2016. We're going to have a look at our blessings, our challenges, and the recommended course of action for the month ahead. Let's begin with the blessings...

Blessings card: Nine of Wands

We've got the Nine of Wands here. You can see this guy here, he looks pretty worn out, he's bandaged, he looks like he's had a pretty rough time. The Nine of Wands, in its more positive form, is about perseverance. And it being a Nine is the indication that you're very close to the end of this particular cycle. If you could just make it that one extra step, you reach the Ten and you can begin a new cycle. Your blessing is that you have the perseverance within you to overcome these challenging and testing times. So even though you might feel a little bit weary, exhausted this month, just know that if you keep putting forward and persevering, you will get to the end and then the new cycle will be able to begin, and that will be a lot better, trust me.

Challenges card: The Sun, reversed

Here are our challenges, and we've got The Sun, reversed. Perhaps this month isn't quite as fun as you want it to be. Typically by February, the kids are back in school, you're back in a school routine, you're back at work. That kind of fun side of the holidays is starting to disappear and fade away. Now you have a choice, right? So you can decide, am I just going to get all down in the doldrums that I'm not on holiday anymore, or am I just going to say you know what? I'm just back in the routine, let's just go with it...

Recommendations card: King of Swords, reversed

OK so let's check out the recommend course of action: the King of Swords, reversed. Now, this King does have a tendency to be a little bit judgmental, and in the reversed position he can indicate that you're being quite self-critical. So if you find yourself this month thinking like, oh I didn't do that well enough, or I should be more this and less this, you need to stop yourself, and say hang on a second, am I helping myself here with this kind of thought, or am I actually putting myself down? And if you find yourself being a little bit too critical, then ease up. That's probably what's also going to help you have a bit more fun and be able to turn the reversed Sun into an upright Sun where you are having a lot more fun.

In conclusion...

So let's look at it in summary: Little bit of a harder month this month, but, you have it within you to persevere and to push on. And remember our Challenges: feeling a little bit blue, probably the after-holidays blues. You can choose to get all down in the doldrums, or you can choose to just accept you're back in the routine, and maybe there are some other ways were you can be like our little boy on The Sun's horse and have a bit more fun. And, with our reversed King of Swords, remember not to be so critical of yourself.