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Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: October 2015

Reclaim your power!
Brigit Esselmont

Hi I'm Brigit Esselmont, professional Tarot reader and teacher, and I'm here today to share with you the Tarot Card Forecast for October 2015. As always, I'm going to share with you three cards. We're going to look at our blessings for this month, our potential challenges, and what we can do to make this a fabulous, fabulous month.

Now very interestingly, all of the cards I drew for today, or for this month ahead, are from the Court cards. To me that's a sign that this month might be filled with a few interesting personalities. And so you might feel that there's some both female and male energy around you this month, and they're influencing your own life quite a bit. And you may also find that your own personalities are coming out in different ways -- that you're expressing different parts of yourself.

Blessings card: Queen of Swords, reversed

Now for our opportunity this month, we've got the Queen of Swords reversed. Now I kind of like to look at this card as putting the heart over the head. So when we look at the Queen of Swords in the upright position, she talks a lot about thinking with your head. But when she's in the reversed position we're actually thinking with our heart, or acting from our heart space.

Given that this is an opportunity, I see a great opportunity this month for actually thinking with your heart instead of your head.

Challenges card: King of Pentacles, reversed

In terms of our challenges, we have the King of Pentacles reversed. Now this king is kind of like a bit of a father figure really, and this king can kind of get into that place where he's a little bit controlling and domineering, a little bit paternalistic, likes to play the masculine role very much... Now I just want to point out here that while we're working with a masculine energy, it doesn't necessarily mean a male. With the reversed King of Pentacles what you may need to look out for this month is anyone who's sort of taking that controlling, domineering position over you and maybe taking away your power. Also looking out for any of that patriarchal energy that isn't serving you.

Recommendation card: King of Swords

Now, to make the most of this month ahead we have the King of Swords. And the King of Swords is reclaiming his own power and he's saying, "You know what? I'm the one in charge. This is my life and I'm going to do it my way, thanks very much." And so he has the sword which is that sword of truth and power and authority. And even if he is dealing with a King of Pentacles over here who's trying to weasel their way in and dominate and trying to take over a little bit, this king says "Uh-uh, this is my life. You can back off, deal with your life over there, but I'm going to have mine over here." So make sure that you deal with any potential issues around wanting to control your life by reclaiming your power, because it's right there already within you.

I wish you the very best for the month ahead, and I shall see you next time!