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brigit esselmont

Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: September 2016

Overcoming your own limitations
Brigit Esselmont

Hi I'm Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Card Forecast for September 2016.

Blessings card: The Devil, reversed

The DevilLet's start with our Blessings for this month. Now you might be looking at The Devil and saying, "How is The Devil a blessing?!" Well trust me, in this case, it is. I see The Devil reversed as a blessing here in that you're starting to free yourself from self-imposed limitations and belief systems that have ultimately been getting in the way of you achieving what you truly want to. So the Blessing this month is really about seeing those possibilities -- seeing that those limiting beliefs that you had are now gone, that they can now be released, and you can start to achieve what you truly want to. You don't have to be shackled to those beliefs any longer. But it's ultimately your decision! You've got to decide -- I've got these" limiting beliefs; I'm going to let go of them, and I'm really going to allow for things to happen." So let's move on to our Challenges...

Challenges card: Page of Pentacles

Page of PentaclesWe have the Page of Pentacles. The Page of Pentacles is about starting new projects, particularly in the work space, money, business -- anything that's kind of got a material element to it. It's also a card about manifesting, or bringing your plans and ideas into the action phase where you're starting bring it into form and shape, and seeing real things happening. It's not about making more ideas or feeling your way through things, it's about just getting on and doing things. Now as a Challenge, you may actually find it a little bit difficult to get things into action. So if we marry this up with The Devil reversed, you realize that you've been creating these limitations for yourself, but maybe you're still just struggling with "OK, now that I know I can let go of those limitations, how do I start to make stuff happen?"

Advice card: Four of Swords

Four of SwordsNow what's really interesting is that our Advice card for the month is the Four of Swords. The Four of Swords says actually, it might even be better to just let things lie for a little bit, sit and meditate on things, and then start to take action. So if you're taking the action and it's becoming "Ugh why is this becoming a challenge? Why can't I make things real? Why can't I make things happen?" Well maybe it's because the energies around you are actually saying "You know what? Let's just take this month to chill out a little bit, we can sit with this, and we can take action later.


This month is all about releasing those self-limiting beliefs. Your challenges might be in making things happen and manifesting your plans, but that's kind of OK because the bigger message here with the Four of Swords is that this month might actually be a better month for lying low a little bit and not taking as much action.