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Venus and Mars are Locked in a Lovers' Embrace

Venus and Mars are Locked in a Lovers' Embrace

Find your heart again or for the first time with this...
Jessica Abel

"All's fair in love and war," and with Venus square Mars, that's a good figure of speech to keep in mind right now. Sensual Venus and fiery Mars are the cosmic lovers, and when they're squared to each other, it's as if they're locked in a passionate duel! Meaning it's time to find a dance partner or, if you're already committed to a dance partner, to sweep them off their feet again.

A Love Celtic Cross Tarot readingwill help you prepare for the planets' passionate push and pull. The Tarot is an ancient way to tap into your own intuition, which is the most powerful source of wisdom there is! And with a reading like this that's specifically written to deal with romance, you'll get the advice you need to conquer the object of your affections -- or to defend your relationship with all your heart. Or get this reading at no cost, thanks to our TrialPay partner offer.