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Something Feels ... Different...

Cosmic chaos is upon us, but you have options!
Tarot.com Staff

Trust your intuition. You hear it all the time -- but what does this really mean? Your inner voice is your personal compass. It keeps you honest and true to yourself, but also lets you know when something is off. When you are not in touch with this interior force, you may experience sleepless nights, feelings of frustration, and insecurity. So if you've been feeling a little disconnected from yourself lately, you can blame Neptune Retrograde!

Neptune Retrograde interferes with your intuition by bringing too many problems to your attention. With so much internal screaming going on, how are you supposed to hear that quiet voice of reason? Well, it's time to get back on track and reconnect! Use the power of Tarot to cut through the noise and...

Mandala Tarot Reading

The Mandala Tarot channels a powerful combination of Astrology and Tarot get to the bottom of your issues. This unique 12-card reading uses the foundation of the Western Astrology house system and the ancient symbolism of Tarot to interpret what your intuition is telling you at this very moment! Finally, your inner voice can be heard and understood!

The time to tap into this clarifying energy is now, so use a Mandala Tarot reading to help you better understand what the universe (and your own inner wisdom) is trying to tell you.