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This Month's Tarot Card Is Justice!

Read your monthly and weekly Tarot readings for March 2018
Coleman Stevenson

This month's cards encourage us to explore personal balance further, making sure our actions match the values we have claimed for living life. Self-examination is a constant necessity if we are to keep one side of the scale from tipping too far, throwing us off balance and off course. The cards pulled this month talk a lot about patterns and points of view. They suggest that an attitude of acceptance and patience encourages growth and keeps us discovering more of what life has to offer.

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I'm excited to be illustrating this month's reading with my own deck, the Dark Exact Tarot. After much work, the 3rd Edition is finally available, so thanks for letting me celebrate by featuring it here! I'll talk more about the individual card designs as this reading unfolds, but quickly, this deck was first published in 2016 and features plants, animals, and objects instead of human figures. One unique feature of the 2nd and 3rd editions is the presence of a second Fool card at the end of the Major Arcana, representing the completion of a cycle of growth and the beginning of a new Journey. A version of this deck is part of the tarot.com database as well, so you can actually do readings with it on this site. Huge thanks to Zoe Cope of Cope Creative for collaborating with me on the images for this month's spread. She's an incredible stylist, and you can see more of her stunning work on her website here.

And now for this month's reading... Here's a look at the overall spread for March:

March Tarot Spread

Theme Card for March: Justice

Justice Tarot Card

A symbol called a quincunx appears at the top of this Justice card, depicting harmony in the union of life's fundamental elements. The quincunx arrangement is found in human designs all over the world, such as orchard plantings, architecture, and heraldry. It is an expression of balance, as is the set of scales beneath, balancing on the tip of a sword. This is a delicate equilibrium, easily tipped to one side or the other. In the Tarot, the suit of Swords is connected to the realm of thought -- analysis, logic, and communication. This is the primary realm of Justice.

When we are in the analytical zone of Justice, we have a chance to gain a clearer picture of the functioning of the world, and our responsibilities within it. We begin to see how all things are connected and connected to us. What we do matters; our actions have consequences. Therefore, this card also represents the personal struggle to live a just life. We have an ongoing responsibility to weigh our beliefs against our actions, ensuring we uphold the values we have claimed. Last month's reading was all about manifesting ideas tangibly in the world, so it has set us up well to do the same this month on a whole different level.

Exercise for Justice: Balancing the scales

To get a greater sense of your bigger picture, try this quick personal inventory. Make a list of values you hold or ongoing goals you have for your life. These might be things like Fairness, Equality, Kindness, Making Art, Helping Others, and so forth. Next to this, make a second column that lists an action you have taken recently that supports each value. Imagine the two columns rest on a set of scales. Do the scales balance? If not, what are some ways you can more actively express your values in the world? This exercise might also show you, through a lack of recorded action, that some things you've assumed are crucial to you may no longer be. If that proves to be the case, revise your initial list, but really challenge yourself -- be certain you are not just looking for a way to avoid responsibility.

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Weekly Tarot Card
March 5-11: Seven of Cups

7 of Cups Tarot Card

I see the Seven of Cups as one manifestation of our theme for this month, Justice. The current exploration of values and actions may be turning up a list of unmet needs, desires, and goals. It would be natural to feel an urge to fill in the gaps immediately, and all at once, leading to the scattered energy of this Cups card. Whether it's a response to responsibility or the result of a curious mind that wants to explore everything in a world full of wonders, the Seven of Cups expresses the end result: feeling overwhelmed. When we have too much happening at once (too many cups we have to keep filled), we may not be able to give adequate attention to each pursuit. We end up feeling unfocused, and that muddled state can lead to a loss of direction. Only when we let some things go (or at least prioritize our attention) can we fill each cup fully. This does not mean that important visions must be dismissed permanently, but we may need to address them one at a time. This also reminds me of last month's spread, the creative brainstorming and project management inspired by the reversed Eight of Pentacles. It's wonderful to generate lots of ideas, but to actually make things happen, we have to get organized, then follow through in a more methodical, gradual way.

Exercise for the Seven of Cups: Working smarter, not harder

1. Sketch out all your ideas/plans. For each one, list the next three steps towards completion. See if any overlap exists, and if those ideas can be advanced with the same actions.
2. Prioritize -- what is most important to you, and what can wait? This is a natural extension of the values quest from the Justice exercise. How does value get assigned? Will you base this on emotional importance (for yourself), other people's needs, or something more practical like length of time to completion, selecting the easiest to accomplish first so that you can cross items off the list right away?
3. Take it one step at a time. Work through your list, focusing on each major step. Meanwhile, are there small actions you can take to progress any of the other items without disrupting your workflow?

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Weekly Tarot Card
March 12-18: The World (reversed)

The World Tarot Card Reversed

This card shows the four element symbols of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water in balance, creating space in the center for the fifth element, Aether. We saw this quincunx arrangement in our theme card for the month, Justice, as well. It suggests the importance of giving equal attention to all vital parts of life. Additionally, to the alchemists it served as a symbol of the whole consisting of more than the sum of its parts, which is an apt illustration of the kind of achievement experienced in the World card. The brackets enclosing the quincunx show this set of knowledge fused as one, denoting the end of one cycle through the ongoing quest for self-knowledge. When the World appears reversed in a reading, as it is in our spread, it can signify stagnation and a lack of completion. It suggests that balance is not being achieved, which might simply be a natural progression from our work with the Seven of Cups last week. Prioritizing items in a list (last week's exercise) means that focus may be given temporarily to one thing at the expense of others. This is natural and will sort itself out with time, but we may want to take a more active approach to encouraging that alignment. This month's theme of Justice is very cerebral, and it might be helpful to take occasional breaks from all the time spent in our heads.

Exercise for The World: Head-Heart-Body-Spirit

If you are feeling stagnated or overly focused on one aspect of existence, take a few minutes to examine where attention is being placed. Spend some time in any underrepresented realms.

In your journal, make a list of ways you are currently caring for yourself in the following categories:

Is anything lacking? If so, how can you reconnect with that aspect of yourself?

Weekly Tarot Card
March 19-25: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

On this card, a huge wheel is lifted by a giant pair of wings yet is also tethered to the ground by a series of arrows and supports, suggesting the dual nature of human existence. This can be seen as another version of March's theme of Justice, as we are constantly in a balancing act between elements of perceived dichotomies (e.g., chaos/control; winning/losing; instinct/intellect). The Wheel of Fortune teaches us that fluctuation is a natural part of growth. The contrast between opposites is valuable; we often only appreciate something fully when we feel its absence. We experienced this with last week's need to rebalance in the stagnated reversed World card. Through missing something, we realized its importance for our well-being, and turned to it for renewal of self.

In the inner ring of the Wheel, the symbol for the alchemical process of Fermentation, a process in which new life emerges from dead material, reminds us that change is healthy and is the fundamental force of Nature (night/day, the shifting seasons). As this year's spread keeps pointing out from month to month, we are constantly developing the self. Change brings opportunity; one thing leads to another, often taking us wonderful places we never could have imagined. Attitude is important here. Rather than resisting, seeing this movement as part of the process towards something greater can help us feel less out of control.

Exercise for the Wheel of Fortune: Observing cycles of growth

Consider the following conceptual pairs:

Choose one of the above pairs. In your journal, explore your relationship to it using the following questions:
1. Which side of the pair feels more positive to you?
2. When have you felt yourself stuck on the opposite side of this pair?
3. How did that progress?
4. What are the positive and negative aspects of each?
5. Is there a way both states might exist in harmony?
6. What serves as the stable, unchanging center of your wheel?

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Weekly Tarot Card
March 26-31: Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

What a fantastic card to end on this month -- so positive and encouraging! The Nine of Pentacles suggests that efforts to balance are paying off, at least on some level, leading to a stronger sense of achievement, reward, and satisfaction. The best achievements are a result of honesty and hard work, and this month's theme of Justice has given us an opportunity to reach that place of greater truth to fuel our efforts. This rebalancing of effort and reward brings some peace this week, and perhaps this result has been a long time coming.

The "all our ducks in row" attitude of the Nine of Pentacles (visualized here in the card's symmetrical balance) achieves independence in life, but with this comes responsibility to protect what has been established. We shouldn't take success for granted, expecting it to always be there once initially experienced. Fluctuation is actually a positive thing, as last week's card, The Wheel of Fortune, reminded us. We must become comfortable with constant rebalancing within the natural cycles of life. The Nine of Pentacles suggests we take a moment to celebrate this victory, honoring the hard work that made it possible, then begin to prepare for whatever is coming next.

Exercise for the Nine of Pentacles: Celebrate and reflect

Congratulate yourself on the positive results of your efforts!!! When you are ready, consider the following details of your experiences:
1. What specific actions led to your success? Visualize these as tools for future use. Respect your own hard work so you never take the results for granted! (If you are still in the middle of your efforts, take a moment to notice what is progressing positively, and how you are making it happen. That is worth a moment of celebration as well.)
2. Did you have assistance? Reach out to others who helped make this success possible. Thank them and include them in the celebration. Respect their hard work so that they know you never take them for granted.

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Looking Ahead

The thoughts about movement and change this reading has put forth set the stage perfectly for next month's theme card, the Tower (reversed), which is also a card about embracing needed change. Adaptability and a desire to evolve help keep us from stagnating or shutting out new opportunities for growth and greater achievement. I'm excited to see what the cards will suggest next to help us progress with positivity and fearlessness.