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Lighten Up with Holiday Insight

Lighten Up with Free Holiday Insight

De-stress for free with our most peaceful Tarot Readings and Astrology Reports
Tarot.com Staff

Here come the holidays, and along with all the fun times, food and family, well ... there's also S-T-R-E-S-S.

Staying grounded during this frantic season of travel, shopping and visits from the in-laws isn't easy, but the holidays are supposed to be a time of light and love. So, to help you stay centered from Thanksgiving all the way into the New Year, we've rounded up our most positive and peaceful Tarot readings, Astrology and Numerology reports to make your season merry. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Peace and Harmony Tarot readingPeace and Harmony Tarot reading

The eleven positions of this Celtic Cross spread focus on your ability to find and achieve inner peace in today's world. Start your Peace and Harmony Tarot reading now »

Free Mandala Tarot readingMandala Tarot reading

Find balance with the one-of-a-kind mystical Mandala Astrology Tarot, including all 12 zodiac positions in this unique spread. Start your Mandala Tarot reading now »

Quick Compatibility Astrology ProfileAstrology Compatibility Reading

Before you bring a date home for the holidays, find out how well you'll get along and if your love is built to last! Run your Astrology Compatibility Reading now »

Essential Astrology Birth ReportEssential Astrology Birth Report

Get in-depth insight into all your friends and family so you know who will get along (and who won't) when they gather for the holidays! Get your Essential Astrology Birth Report now »