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BEWARE Today's Negative Energy...

Turn negative feelings into positive action with the power of Tarot!
Jessica Abel

Today the love planet Venus and deep, dark Pluto are pitted against each other -- and there's a real risk of difficult feelings surging. We've all succumbed to jealousy at some point, but this resentment poisons everything, even the best relationships!

Jealousy has many roots -- sometimes there's good reason to feel suspicious, but other times jealousy stems from our own fears and insecurities. So how will you know if there's true cause for concern? By discovering the truth!

Relationship Analysis Tarot reading

A Relationship Analysis Tarot reading taps into your natural intuition to reveal what's happening behind the scenes in your love life. It provides insight about your current situation, highlighting any personal issues standing in the way, next steps to take and more. You'll see exactly where your relationship stands, so you can make the best choices for your future happiness.

Don't let jealousy poison you! Overcome that negative energy with real perspective from a Relationship Analysis Tarot reading. You can even get this enlightening advice for free with TrialPay.