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Cure Your Relationship Heartache

Cure Your Relationship Heartache

As Venus moves into Virgo, it's time to diagnose your romantic concerns.
Jessica Abel

Let's face it -- every couple has a problem or two. And gone unchecked, they can really start to hurt the relationship as a whole. Just like our bodies, relationships are living, breathing entities that require healthy habits to thrive. But as with exercise, it's hard to squeeze it in sometimes... today is a little bit different.

The love planet Venus is entering Virgo, providing us the perfect prescription for a healthier relationship. Venus rules love and relationships, and Virgo is the nurturer of daily life and health -- including romantic health. So don't miss this chance to fix your relationship issues.

Give your love life the attention it deserves with a Relationship Analysis Tarot reading. It's a perfect spread for taking the pulse of your romance and healing whatever ails it. Designed to take a deep look at your whole relationship, it tells what is working and what is pulling you apart. Once you diagnose those things, your relationship will be healthier -- and live longer.

Use this healing transit to take an unflinching look at your love life with a Relationship Analysis Tarot reading.