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BURN! This Could Hurt...

Use the Power of Tarot to avoid heartbreak while Venus is in Aries
Jessica Abel

We're told to be BOLD in romantic relationships, and embrace all the possibilities of love ... but with passionate Venus moving into aggressive and foolhardy Aries tomorrow, this is a time to tread lightly -- and to think carefully before doing anything rash!

Whether you're hoping to rekindle old flames, ignite a new spark, or just keep the heat within your current relationship, first you need to make sure that what you WANT is the same as what you NEED. Protect yourself by finding out where this romance is headed...

Romantic Relationship Celtic Cross Tarot reading

The 11-card Romantic Relationship Celtic Cross Tarot readingexplains your current love situation, shows you how to overcome obstacles, and reveals what opportunities will arise in your romantic future. With this complex spread, you will be able to go after what (or who!) you want in your love life.

Don't be impetuous while Venus is in Aries -- with a Romantic Relationship Celtic Cross Tarot reading, you can embrace love with confidence! You can even get this reading for free with TrialPay.