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It's all coming to a head today...

It's all coming to a head today...

Pluto conjoining the Moon brings the urge to purge
Jessica Abel

Pluto -- the planet of transformation -- and the emotional Moon are hooking up in hard-working Capricorn today. That makes right now the ideal time to investigate what may be keeping you down. Because while digging up emotional baggage might make you cringe (just a little), Pluto will create even bigger consequences if you do nothing at all.

Thankfully, this planetary aspect makes it easy to move past personal issues and ditch the things that no longer work for you. And the nice thing about work is, there's usually a big reward on the other end! So why let old, negative patterns block the flow of all the good things coming your way?

Self-Healing Analysis Tarot reading

The Self-Healing Analysis Tarot is a unique 10-card spread designed specifically to gain insight into your path of personal development and potential. This reading looks at the influences of your higher self, as well as any internal obstacles you're facing. We can actually use this astrological event to HEAL some of those deeply rooted wounds!

Use Pluto and the Moon's transformational energy to acknowledge where you're in need of change, and start reaping rewards today!