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Look Out! Mercury Is Going Mental

Look Out! Mercury Is Going Mental

Gain new depth to your perspective while Mercury is in Scorpio.
Jessica Abel

Get ready for a period of heavy thinking! Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, is moving into the deeply serious sign of Scorpio. Now is the time to ask yourself the really tough questions so you can liberate yourself from any mental baggage that may be weighing you down.

Hanging on to outdated issues can often give them a false sense of importance. It's only when we begin to let go that we realize how easy it can be to do so! Powerful insight from the Tarot shows you how to do this.

Self-Healing Analysis Tarot

The Self-Healing Analysis Tarot is a unique 10-card spread designed specifically to gain insight into your path of personal development and potential. This reading looks at the influences of your higher self, as well as any internal obstacles you're facing.

Use Mercury in Scorpio's deep analytical powers to gain mental clarity and transform your life!