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When "I'M SORRY" Isn't Enough…

Anger hurts you the most! It's time to let go.
Jessica Abel

"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

You can't deny the damage long-term anger can do -- it truly does hurt you more than anyone else! But finding forgiveness isn't always easy. When you feel wounded or betrayed, accepting an apology can sometimes feel like weakness -- as if you are saying what someone did to you is OK, and therefore allowing it. But this misconception can prohibit you from moving on!

So, how do you let go and move forward? The Tarot is a powerful tool that helps you identify and release your major pain points, gain acceptance, and create new opportunities for happiness! Open the door to understanding and let your healing begin...

Self-Healing Analysis Tarot Reading

TheSelf-Healing Analysis Tarot readingis a unique 10-card spread designed specifically to help you work through hurtful things that have happened to you, and togain insight into your path of personal development and potential. This reading looks at the influences of your higher self, as well as any internal obstacles you're facing. Get this deep insight now to identify and release past traumas, find forgiveness, heal yourself and rebuild something wonderful!

It's true, sometimes "sorry" isn't enough -- but that should never stand in the way of your happiness! Get yourSelf-Healing Analysis Tarot readingtoday, and begin moving forward toward a healthy, bright future.