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MERCURY RETROGRADE: Brace for Impact...

Proceed with CAUTION -- arm yourself with the wisdom of Tarot!
Tarot.com Staff

Today isn't just another ordinary day. What's to blame? Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in partnership-oriented Libra today! As a result, re-thinking your 1-on-1 relationships and decisions will be a major theme for you this month.

It won't matter if it's a lover, co-worker, friend, or family member, some conversations you thought were over with will come back to life now, and have the potential to lead to a lifetime of resentment. It's up to you to prepare for this challenge. The best way to disarm an unproductive situation is to make sure you're over the last one! Utilize deep insight to...

Self-Healing Analysis Tarot

Today, instead of relying on old assumptions and feelings about a person or issue, you need to clean the slate and open yourself up to a new perspective. The Self-Healing Potentials Tarot reading is a 7-card spread that helps you understand the obstacles and negative energies coming before they hit. You'll be prepared to hear all sides of things with an open mind and heart!

Don't let Mercury Retrograde over-complicate your life. Use the Self-Healing Potentials Tarot reading to prevent negative feelings and cosmic interference. And the best part?