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Things Are Turning Around...

The magic of September has the power to change everything!
Jessica Abel

Make your wish, because it can really come true now! September is washing over us, bringing with it the most positive energy all year. The stars are aligning in exciting ways that bring about huge opportunities for happiness and fulfillment!!

The big news is a wonderful trine between Jupiter, the luckiest and most beneficial planet of all, and the ingenious planet Uranus. This harmonious hook-up in bold Fire signs infuses the entire month with the potential to turn your dreams into realities. So don't miss your chance! Take the first step now with a double-dose of guidance from a Horoscope Tarot reading.

But that's not all… All of September is packed with inspiring cosmic activity. In just this first week, both Mercury and Venus entered new signs, and now we're on the brink of tomorrow's imaginative Full Moon in Pisces. This gorgeous lunar event on September 8 brings real opportunities to fulfill your wishes and experience a deep awakening.

And what could be better than a brand-new season to get things moving? Fall begins with the equinox on September 22, and gets a positive boost right away from the New Moon in Libra on September 24. Not only can you expand your horizons intellectually, spiritually and culturally at this time, but happy feelings will sparkle in your relationships and all areas of your personal life!

With this overflow of advantageous Astrology, September invites you to set your intentions on hope and satisfaction! Start your Horoscope Tarot reading to begin fulfilling your dreams now... Anything is possible!