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Tarot.com Staff

One of our favorite Tarot decks to use here at Tarot.com is Gill Tarot, which is inspired by the Tree of Life -- one of the most powerful symbols of interconnectedness in all of classical and ancient literature, philosophy and mythology. We've found there is no better way to stimulate your intuition and connect with your higher self!

Gill Tarot's mystical imagery is accompanied by a keyword displayed on each card -- such as "transformation," "creativity" or "unity" -- that resonates on a deeply personal level. This connection will allow you to access your greatest source of knowledge and truth, giving your Tarot reading profound meaning. Use the Gill deck now to...

Tree of Life Tarot Reading

The Tree of Life Tarot reading is the perfect spread to use with the Gill Tarot deck because they both use the same timeless symbolism to awaken your intuition. With this mystical spread and Gill Tarot's compelling imagery, you'll actually be able to align your physical body with your trusted intuition to awaken your awareness and compel you to act!

Try a Tree of Life Tarot reading with the Gill Tarot deck now, and experience the most meaningful