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Don't Be Deceived by This...

Let your inner voice shine through with the guidance of Tarot.
Jessica Abel

Don't believe everything you think today! As the emotional Moon moves opposite Neptune, your perception of reality could be thrown off-kilter. Neptune, the planet of mystery and mirages, may leave you feeling confused and disillusioned.

These false perceptions could block your good intentions and prevent you from acting in your own best interest. But you can fight it! By re-connecting with your pure intuition, you'll stay true to yourself and avoid being misled. You just need to...

Tree of Life Tarot reading

The Tree of Life Tarot readingawakens your trusted intuition to bring out the best in you! This mystical spread derives from the Hebrew Kabala, using 10 card positions to reveal your key energy centers within. It actually helps align your physical body with your mind and spirit, elevating your awareness so you can see your situation clearly.

Get the clarity you need! With a Tree of Life Tarot reading, Neptune's deceptions can't touch you. You can even make this breakthrough for free with TrialPay.