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Mercury Retrograde: Review to Breakthrough

Mercury Retrograde: Review to Breakthrough

Use Mercury's Retrograde in Cancer to become your personal best...
Jessica Abel

Mercury is retrograde again, this time in the emotional sign of Cancer. And when it goes retrograde -- or appears to be moving in reverse through the sky -- miscommunications and hurt feelings can run rampant. But you can do better than just survive this Mercury Retrograde ... you can actually thrive in it!

The key to succeeding during this challenging time is to see things from a different point of view. Then, when you see a challenge coming, you'll be able to turn it into an advantage. The best way to see what's coming from a long way off is to get to a higher vantage point...

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The Tree of Life Tarot aligns with your intuition to activate the wisdom that lives within you. This mystical spread derives from the Hebrew Kabala, using 10 card positions to represent your key energy centers. It actually helps connect your physical mind and body with your trusted intuition to bring about clear thinking and emotional comfort.

While Mercury Retrograde is empowering you to rethink and reset your body, mind, and soul, the Tree of Life Tarot shows the path to success.