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Mars in Sagittarius

Warrior Mars creates excitement with the adventurous Archer

mars with sagittarius zodiac symbol

Action planet Mars moves into adventurous Sagittarius on Sept. 13, 2014, and this fiery combination should bring plenty of excitement into our lives over the next five weeks.

Mars, which is a very active and assertive planet, is very much at home with risk-taker Sagittarius. This planet and this sign are complimentary to one another, as they share an impulsive nature and an eagerness to rush ahead into uncharted territory.

Mars in Sagittarius can be the bad boy who pushes boundaries, or the rebel looking for a cause. Which means we'll be able to harness this fiery, fearless energy to make things happen. But it's also possible we'll have so much reckless energy now that we take things too far, or act so impulsively that we make mistakes.

Religious zeal, philosophical fighting, legal battles and overseas wars are expressions of this combination. Our best approach to this heated transit is to cool it with logic and a moment's pause before doing anything rash.

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