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Glad You Made It!

Death, Devils and Disaster?

Don't be afraid of the Tarot cards that foretell change, like The Tower -- embrace tranformation. Use the Self-Healing Analysis reading to see where you need change most in your life.

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Death, Devils and Disaster?

What Do Your Numbers Reveal?

When you start seeing the same numbers over and over again, it's time to pay attention: they hold an urgent message for you! Find out what they mean with a Numerology Personality Report.

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What Do Your Numbers Reveal?

What Are the Cards Trying to Tell You?

Reappearing cards are one of the most fascinating occurrences in a Tarot reading -- it's a strong sign that the universe has an urgent, personal message just for you!

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What Are the Cards Trying to Tell You?

Dating Your Same Zodiac Sign

How does your Sun sign affect your romantic relationships? Will dating someone with the same sign as yours be romantic ... or a disaster? 

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Dating Your Same Zodiac Sign

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Today's Tarot Insight: September 18th

Tarot Card of the Day

For Everyone: The Fool

Pamela Coleman-Smith's artful rendition of an "innocent Fool" archetype (Rider-Waite deck) is often used to represent Tarot in general. Early classical versions of the Fool card,... Read More »

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