Real Life Astrology: Libra

Real Life Astrology: Libra

Sunday mornings in my family were some of the most memorable times of my childhood. I grew up in a modest, two-bedroom home, and the room I shared with my siblings was right next to our kitchen. What usually stirred me awake were the sounds and scents of my mother preparing homemade meat sauce. Onions danced in the pan. Oil would sizzle and pop as she fried meatballs. The smells made me beam -- I always woke up happy on Sunday.

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But it was the Italian music that made me bolt upright. Hearing my father warm up his voice as he'd stroll into the living room, fumble with an eight-track cassette, then sweep back into the bathroom for his morning shave, was my signal to get out of bed.

First, I'd grab a warm meatball from the counter with my sister, then she and I would park on the floor in front of the bathroom door. We'd watch my father sing his heart out to music of his homeland as he meticulously groomed himself for the day.

I'd sit there, Indian style, mesmerized by the astounding beauty of my father's voice. He sings with passion, intensity and grace. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this man's voice can rival Andrea Bocelli -- dare I say even Luciano Pavarotti. It makes you tremble; it goes right through your soul. Staring at him, I knew my Dad was most at peace when he could display his love of harmony.

Perfectly balanced scales

Born October 5, my father, Carmine, is a Libra. No other sign is more concerned with restoring harmony, justice, and appreciating and expressing beauty through an art form that involves balance, than this fair-minded sign. Not every Libra can sing, of course, but I challenge you to find me one who isn't talented in some type of art form, whether it is drawing, writing, dancing, singing or modeling. They can thank their ruling planet, Venus, for these gifts.

For a Libra, even speaking is an art form. Libra is an Air sign, and they are dominated by their logical mind and thoughts. A Libra without someone to talk to is a very sad Libra, indeed.

Two Libras doesn't make a right

My sister-in-law, Jodi, born October 13, is a great example of this. Thanks to our having what I like to call the "Venus connection" (I'm a Taurus and she's a Libra, so we're both ruled by the same planet), we have a lot in common and have found a strong mutual bond. One major difference in our personalities, however, is the fact that she hates to be alone whereas I crave solitude.

One day, Jodi came up with what she believed was a brilliant idea. Her sparkling eyes glistened and she had my attention. "Hey Maria, why don't we start working out at the gym together? It'll be so much fun -- and having company will help me get through the exercise."

I forced a smile and did my best acting job. "Uh, yeah Jodi ... sounds like fun." Inside, I was dying. This was going to be torture for me because as much as I love Jodi and our conversations, when it comes to my gym time it is sacred ME time. I bring along my music, and spend my mornings charging up for the day.

Now, I would have to talk.

I tried to make it work, and Jodi, being a Libra fully understood my needs at the gym. I'd do my best to talk for as long as I could possibly stand it. When I couldn't take it anymore I'd say, "OK Jodi, I have to zone out now" and put on my walkman -- ignoring her for the rest of the workout. I felt guilty as hell for leaving my Libra sister without a sounding board. I knew she was feeling just as tortured NOT talking as I had felt making gym conversation.

Needless to say, when it comes to exercise, Jodi and I have gone our separate ways. But get us together for lunch and I'm more than happy to share conversation. After all, it's not that I don't love to talk -- just don't ever try talking to me at the gym!

The ignition switch of the zodiac

Libra, a Cardinal sign, is one of the best self-starters of the zodiac. They initiate new ideas that spew out of their mind like nobody's business. And with Cardinal Air there is never a shortage of brilliant ideas. Very self-motivated as well, Libra doesn't need you to tell him how to do something, thank you very much.

Libra makes a fabulous politician because of their diplomatic nature. They can smooth over just about any situation. But what I really love about Libra is how they seem to know everybody in the world. What's more, they know how to introduce you to someone with the power to change your life. Partnership is their keyword, and with Libra's collaboration skills, if you subscribe to the theory that "it's all who you know," you'd better have a bunch of Libras in your address book. They know who to introduce you to.

Because Libra rules the house of marriage, they must be involved in a relationship in order to learn their life lessons. But the interesting thing is that you will rarely meet a Libra who doesn't have serious relationship problems in some aspect of their life. This can be family, friends, work or marriage. As much as Libra needs a partner -- a relationship -- what he needs even more is to learn how to restore balance in relationships.

Libra is learning the tough lesson of relating to others without losing himself in the process. Libra will go to great lengths to maintain peace in his relationships, often at the expense of his own well being. The thought of conflict sends him into frenzy, and Libra would rather remain in a miserable situation than stir up some commotion to challenge the boundaries of relationship.

I ... umm .... umm ...

Another Libra quirk is the fact that they often can't seem to make a decision, and they are well known procrastinators. This is not because they don't know what to do -- don't let Libra fool you! Always remember they are a Cardinal Air sign and quite intelligent and capable of decision making. The underlying reason for this indecision is because if they make a choice that is different from their partner, this would cause unbearable conflict. It's much easier for a Libra to say "I don't know, you decide." What he's really saying is "I don't want to cause a fight; I'll just give up my say."

During one of my family's famous evening dinners, my father began to talk to his children about the importance of respect. My sister, brother and I were arguing about something that day, and my Dad, in typical Libran peacemaker fashion, wanted to smooth it over.

He points to my sister and brother and says in a serious Italian accented tone "Antonietta, Basilio, don't you ever forget that your sister Maria is the oldest and because of that you ALWAYS need to show her respect!"

I remember the smug laugh and satisfied feeling I enjoyed for a brief moment as I looked at my siblings, feeling triumphant that my father defended me and put my brother and sister in their place.

I should have known my father would put me in my place next.

He turns away from them, looks at me with his stern, authoritative glance and says, "But Maria, you're the oldest in the family. Because of that you need to respect your brother and sister TRIPLE!"

Yet another relationship balanced by the Libra touch. You've got to love Libras!

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