Mars in Aquarius

Freedom and individuality prevail

mars with aquarius zodiac sign symbol

Action planet Mars is ruled by Fire, but he tends to cool off in breezy Aquarius, which is more about the intellect and mindful matters.

Mars will visit the quirky, independent sign of Aquarius from November 9 - December 19, 2016, during which time we'll be more focused on unusual ideas than Mars' typical primal passions.

Aquarius is also a highly humanitarian sign, so warrior Mars in this position prompts us to fight for important causes that benefit mankind and the underdog. So don't be surprised when you see more folks than ever going out of their way to help others this holiday season!

Mars in Aquarius is a bit of an eccentric transit, so over the next several weeks we'll notice that we become more experimental (even in the bedroom!) and most of us will pay closer attention to our brilliant and kind of "out there" ideas. We'll be more likely to pursue some of our more outrageous dreams now, too!

With Mars in Aquarius giving us a burst of independent and rebellious energy, freedom is especially important during this transit. Make sure you're not making anyone feel confined, and don't expect anyone to hold you back either.

Express your quirky qualities without apology now, and be a warrior for originality!

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