Mars in Cancer

Warrior planet Mars gets watered down in careful Cancer

planet mars with cancer zodiac symbol

Mighty Mars is moving into cautious Cancer from June 24 to August 8, 2015, a challenging transit for the planet that wants us to get things done.

You can find out how Mars powers you personally with your Mars Power report, but basically Mars is the quintessential warrior planet.

Mars gives us our fighting response -- our ability to take action and get things done. Mars is assertive and action oriented. Not really concerned with much else, the purpose of Mars is to rev us up and get us from Point A to Point B in our lives.

Cancer is a sensitive Water sign. Concerned with emotional security and nurturing, she doesn't exactly sound like a natural fit for aggressive Martian energy, does she?

In many ways, the answer is "no." Mars in Cancer is debilitated astrologically. In other words, Mars is not in a happy place when touring the zodiac sign of Cancer. This doesn't mean you're doomed to watered-down energy during the transit of Mars in Cancer, however. As a matter of fact, Mars in Cancer can pack quite a punch. Mars in Cancer will fight, but it will fight for what it's most emotionally connected to. And it will fight with deep sensitivity.

The problem with Mars in Cancer is that rather than a direct approach to going after what it wants, there's more of a passive approach. If one's feelings are not stirred, there's not likely to be action. At the same time, once one's feelings are aroused, the action taken is usually ruled by the heart and might be reactive and oversensitive rather than purposeful.

If one learns how to work with Mars in Cancer energy, however, a great deal can be accomplished. One of the best things to do with Mars in Cancer is a domestic project. Get out your hammer and nails and begin a DIY home improvement! You may also fight for the rights of a family member or a domestic situation during this time, and if you're in this situation, you'll likely prevail.

Although Mars in Cancer may prefer using its energy to nurture home and hearth, Mars in Cancer will do whatever it takes to defend what and whom it nurtures. As a result, you may notice a fierce, protective instinct take over your actions during this transit -- particularly when it comes to those you feel need a little bit of extra guardianship.

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