Mars in Taurus

The action planet slows in steady Taurus

Mars in Taurus

Dogged ambition is an understatement when Mars, the planet of action and motivation, is in tenacious Taurus. When Mars tours this practical Earth sign from March 31 - May 11, 2015, you'd better not underestimate the potency in the air. Mars in Taurus will remain fighting in any boxing ring long after the competition is over. And sometimes this approach gets Mars in Taurus in trouble.

Generally speaking, Mars in Taurus is said to be in detriment astrologically -- not exactly a strong placement for Mars. How could this be possible when Mars in Taurus gives the strength of a Bull along with an endless supply of grit and determination?

Well, consider that with Taurus we're dealing with an unusually stubborn and meaty sign. Mars is Fire and action. Mars wants to move and move fast, yet when Mars is in Taurus the movement is forced to slow down to a snail's pace. As you can imagine, this tends to be quite frustrating! But you can still use this fresh energy to start moving forward again. Start with a Timeline Tarot reading!

Getting things done ... slowly

Mars in Taurus is obstinate energy, and although he can achieve great things, he'll do it in his own slow, plodding way, which can feel more like an aggravating blockage at times than a "slow and steady" wins the race type of drive.

Still, Mars in Taurus is capable of achieving great feats because he'll never give up -- not on the pursuit of any goal and certainly not in a fight. Indeed, Mars in Taurus has courage that runs deep. While Mars is in Taurus we'll all have an excellent opportunity to fight (Mars) for what we value (Taurus) most and to pursue our financial goals with incredible steadfastness.

Mars will make several extraordinary links to other planets in the sky during this Taurus transit, which will help you achieve more with your tangible prowess than you ever imagined. Let's explore what Mars in Taurus means this time around:

Friday, April 26: Mars sextile Neptune in Pisces

On April 26, Mars will be at a friendly sextile angle to Neptune, the planet of spirituality and imagination. When Mars and Neptune are best buds this creates incredible energy to pursue your dreams in the most ambitious way possible.

The key phrase for this transit is "inspired action." Sexually, Mars and Neptune together in a supportive link tend to work incredible magic in terms of helping to bring one of your sexual whims to life. Share your deepest fantasy with your mate and watch how quickly it unfolds as reality!

Wednesday, May 1: Mars opposite Scorpio

Mars will make an opposition aspect with Saturn in Scorpio on May 1, and suddenly we'll all feel a tremendous block. Nothing will seem to move with these two planets engaged in a deadlock in fixed signs. In fact, it's possible that Saturn's pressure on Mars will force you to pare down and accept a limitation more ominous than you care to admit. Yikes!

Not to worry, because you'll quickly recover from any setback you experience on May 1 and by May 5 you will prevail!

Sunday, May 5: Mars trine Pluto

Mars will be at a gorgeous trine to Pluto on Sunday, and when these two heavy hitters of the zodiac get together in a positive way you just can't lose!

Mars and Pluto are a force to be reckoned with, and when they're cooperating you can be sure you'll achieve anything you set your sights on.

This link will also boost your libido in an extremely lusty way, thanks to the earthy signs Taurus and Capricorn working their magic on your sex drive.

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