Planet Tracker

Mars in Pisces

Dec 18, 2016 to Jan 27, 2017

Planet Tracker: Mars

Assertive Mars, the warrior, can seem out of place in watery Pisces, a sign of diffusion. It may be difficult to focus one's initiative during this time, particularly if inspiration is lacking. Pisces requires a cause or greater purpose to be fully motivated.

When imagination and faith are engaged, Mars in Pisces works wonderfully to combine dynamism and compassion. It is able to push gently, express itself creatively and fight for a higher purpose. Sometimes, though, this combination manifests as blind lashing out or indiscriminate anger. Watch where your passions take you now. There are beautiful and noble worlds in which to engage in the battle, but it can be easy to flail about without a clear target in sight.

Universal Pisces often touches the artistic within us. This is because creative forms of expression can be so much richer than ordinary communication. Mars' placement here is a reminder that we all need channels to take us beyond the boundaries of our mundane perspectives.

Writers born with Mars in Pisces include Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Camille Paglia, Hermann Hesse, Spalding Gray and Carrie Fisher. Musicians Art Tatum, Elton John, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton were also born with this placement.

Jackie Robinson was a Mars in Pisces who had to rein in his natural aggression to serve a vital cause: desegregating baseball. Joe Montana's purpose was less noble, but revealed an intuitive athletic genius that almost always hit the mark.

Acting is a wonderful field for Mars in Pisces people. It opens a world of imagination and fantasy played in by Shirley Temple Black, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alan Alda, Michelle Pfeiffer and Glenn Close, among others. Mars in Pisces actress Marilyn Monroe fulfilled the Piscean extremes of goddess and victim.

Ralph Nader is a Mars in Pisces individual who has battled for the underdog. Machiavelli's subtle ways of power and manipulation were considerably less noble.

We find illusion-maker David Copperfield and photographer Ansel Adams in this group, as well as perhaps the greatest genius of the last 1000 years: Michelangelo. When action (Mars) is connected to universal forces, it is clear that there are no limits to human creativity.

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