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Planet Tracker

Mars in Aries

Feb 19, 2015 to Mar 31, 2015

Planet Tracker: Mars

Mars returns to its home sign in Aries. The planet of action is strong here due to its ability to move quickly and without resistance. This doesn't mean that we'll all be able to do exactly what we want, but rather it's a period of time in which spontaneity, initiative and enterprise should come more easily for all of us.

Fiery Aries is a cardinal sign characterized by immediacy, action and pioneering. Mars fits perfectly into this fast-moving environment. This is an ideal period to launch a new project, as long as you're flexible enough to change course as you go. Neither Aries nor Mars is strong on planning. Just put the thing in gear, put the pedal to the metal and try not to hit anything harder than you are.

Impulsive behavior, including outbursts of anger, might be more in evidence during this period. However, there's a directness and innocence that allows strong feelings to rise quickly, yet fade almost as fast as they came. Grab the energy when it comes, because it may not last very long. Expect sudden waves of enthusiasm that can take you far if your timing is right.

Blaze a trail, push yourself and tone your body and your mind. This is a time to be sharp as a knife. Dullness not only slows the job, but can be dangerous when speed is of the essence. Try something you've never done before. Just don't expect yourself to be a pro the first time out of the box. Mars and Aries are both about trying, not about winning. Success comes from participation, rather than conquest. The greatest competition you have is with yourself. The greatest challenge is to be yourself.

Mars in Aries shows up in the charts of social pioneers like Gloria Steinem (feminism), Nikolai Lenin (communism), Madelyn Murray O'Hair (atheism) and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (death and dying). Joseph Campbell (mythology) and Steve Jobs (Apple Computers) were born with Mars in Aries, as were Bugsy Siegel (Las Vegas visionary), Orson Welles and Rod Serling (Twilight Zone).

Paul Newman's Mars in Aries has been reflected through his many roles as a rebel, race car driver and purveyor of healthy snacks. Golf greats Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman have Mars in Aries, as do tennis star Monica Seles and football geniuses Vince Lombardi and Bill Parcells.

We don't think of Mars in Aries as poetic, but Emily Dickenson, Walt Whitman and Carl Sandburg were all born with this combination. Spirituality, too, is not generally associated with this planet or sign, but gurus Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Vivekananda had Mars in Aries at the moment of their births, perhaps symbolic of direct perception and spirit in action.

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