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Planet Tracker

Venus in Scorpio

Sep 23, 2016 to Oct 17, 2016

Planet Tracker: Venus

Traditional astrology considers Scorpio to be a tough neighborhood for loving Venus, the planet of pretty and sweet. Scorpio, however, is not concerned with superficial good looks. It digs below the surface to touch fundamental human issues of power, fear, sex and desire. At this time, the evaluative properties of Venus may be directed beyond social niceties to reach into our deepest recesses and provoke needed change.

Venus and Scorpio share an interest in values. Part of the process, then, is to be more aware of what you get for what you give. Scorpio keeps score in relationships, albeit unconsciously for the most part. Jealousy is a possibility, but so is a level of emotional awareness that casts off illusion and gets to the heart of the matter. It may be necessary to exchange outer harmony for inner truth for relationships to grow and flourish.

Passions are likely to be more intense now. Likes and dislikes move beyond the containment of politeness and "correct" behavior. We are able to connect with gut feelings about what we need and don't need. One of the challenges is to trust our instincts, even if they push us to rock the relationship boat.

This may also be a good time to resurrect old projects, artistic interests and partnerships. If there is essential value to be found, Venus in Scorpio can help you get it. Outmoded desires can be shed or transformed so that pleasure, love and appreciation rise from the ashes.

Tenacity and focus are Venus in Scorpio qualities found in the charts of athletes Tiger Woods and Chris Evert. Rockers Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Patti Smith and Neil Young were also born with this combination. The sexier side of Venus in Scorpio is apparent in Bette Midler's humor, several of Demi Moore's films and the porn of Larry Flynt and Bob Guccione.

Steven Speilberg, Martin Scorcese and Oliver Stone express their Venus in Scorpio passion by directing movies, while Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder, Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sigourney Weaver, Richard Dreyfuss and Goldie Hawn express theirs by acting in them.

Political Venus in Scorps include Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ed Koch, Jesse Jackson and Gore Vidal. The sign Scorpio's association with Pluto, the planet of extraordinary wealth, makes it no surprise to find Venus in Scorpio in the birth chart of Bill Gates.

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