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Planet Tracker

Venus in Aries

Feb 20, 2015 to Mar 17, 2015

Planet Tracker: Venus

The planet of love and relationships runs hot in this fire sign. Traditionally, astrologers considered this a difficult placement because of the contrast between passive Venus and active Aries. It seemed to be such a harsh place for comely Venus. It is the symbol of a female warrior, an independent woman for whom love is of her own choosing.

Venus in Aries is about self-love. This may be expressed as selfishness, but it is a necessary element of any healthy relationship. One's own likes come first now. If it's your habit to make others comfortable before attending to your own desires, this is a good period in which to explore another approach. Knowing what you want, without consideration for your partner, can provide a healthy foundation of honesty for your relationship.

This is also a time in which a desire for new experiences may grow strong. Newness is valued highly here as routine becomes increasingly boring. You may have to risk love to keep it. A new look, style or manner of relating to others can be invigorating. Be a pioneer for love, willing to let go of the old rules to feel what's in your heart at this very moment.

Those willing to venture into new territory can be rewarded during this period. Venus in Aries appreciates individuals who are unafraid to discover new paths, new partnerships and new ways to bring beauty into the world. Love is not something to be kept and stored away somewhere. With Venus in Aries, it's a time to honor the present that is filled with both promise and uncertainty.

Venus in Aries athletes include race car driver Mario Andretti, baseball great Pete Rose, and basketball stars Shaquille O'Neal, Stephon Marbury, Tim Duncan and Dennis Rodman.

Actresses Elizabeth Taylor, Annette Bening, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lynn Redgrave, Debra Winger, Lara Flynn Boyle, Mia Farrow and Liza Minelli were all born with Venus in Aries, as were Robert Downey Jr., Matt Dillon, Jack Nicholson, Fred Astaire, George Clooney, Harry Belafonte and Kurt Russell.

Musical Venus in Aries folks include Janet Jackson, Judy Collins, Nat "King" Cole, Roberta Flack, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Pete Townsend and the incomparable Miles Davis.

Social activists Betty Freidan and Cesar Chavez were born with Venus in Aries, along with clowns George Carlin, Tom Arnold and Sadaam Hussein.

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