The Moon

The Moon is the planet of our inner world: our emotions, reactions and life patterns. Though not classified as a planet in astronomy, the Moon is one of Astrology's most important planets. From New to Full and back to New again, the Moon goes through eight phases each month, each impacting our overall energy in a different way.

Watch this video about the importance of the Moon:

The location of the Moon in your personal Astrology chart influences your own emotional tendencies (just like it affects the ebb and flow of the ocean tides), while the Moon's current location in the sky impacts your feelings and behaviors in the here and now.

Zodiac sign the Moon rules: Cancer

Exalted in: Taurus

House the Moon rules: 4th House of Roots and Security

The Moon retrogrades: never

The Moon stays in each zodiac sign for: 2.5 days

The Moon makes a complete trip through the zodiac: once every month

Where is the Moon now?

Where is the Moon in your Astrology chart?