The Planet Uranus

Uranus is the rebellious planet of awakening, of change and surprise. It's the planet that makes us react -- it shocks us off of our laurels and pushes us into action through sudden events in our environment, or by revealing radical truths within ourselves. Are you a real risk-taker or do you seize up when confronted with change? Whatever your style, you can thank Uranus for that.

Nickname: The Great Awakener

Zodiac sign Uranus rules: Aquarius

Exalted in: Scorpio

House Uranus rules: 11th House of the Future

Uranus retrogrades: once every year, with each retrograde lasting almost exactly five months

Uranus stays in each zodiac sign for: 6 - 7 years   

Uranus makes a complete trip through the zodiac: once every 84 years or so

Uranus was discovered in: 1781, by Sir William Herschel, after the invention of the telescope. Along with Neptune and Pluto, Uranus is a planet that required a telescope for its discovery, since it's too far from Earth to ever be seen by the naked eye.

In Greek mythology, Uranus was a god that personified the sky (Father Sky), and was both the son and husband of Mother Earth. Uranus and Pluto are the only planets named after Greek gods, while the rest of the planets' names come from Roman gods.

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