Real Life Astrology: Sagittarius

Real Life Astrology: Sagittarius

I never met a Sagittarius I didn't like. No other sign has the power to disarm your defenses like this fun-loving, ever optimistic sign. I hope all of you can see this as well and it's not just me projecting my natural affinity for those with the Sun in Sagittarius. You see, I may be a little biased -- my Moon falls in this sign, and you will have that natural and immediate connection to someone who's Sun falls on your Moon. Test it for yourself -- you can look up your Moon sign with an Essential Birth Chart report.

The astrological reason is because the Moon is your basic instinctual habit patterns and deepest needs. You actually resonate more with the Moon sign than the Sun because it's already so deeply a part of who you are. Remember, the Sun is what you are learning to become in this lifetime. So when you meet someone who has their Sun in the same sign as your Moon, you recognize a part of yourself.

But, let me get back to Sagittarius.

Growing up, I wasn't a big "friends" person. I lived on a block filled with family -- five houses provided relatives and cousins to play outside with, so my friends were my cousins. One of my cousins, Joann, I have always felt a special connection to. Yes, she's a Sagittarius. What's more, being born December 1, her Sun falls right on my Neptune-Moon conjunction in Sagittarius. So I really see the best in her!

From the time I was 10-years-old and moved onto my family filled block until I got married she was a constant presence in my life. We shared all the trials and tribulations of growing up together. What I loved most about her is the fact that no matter what was going on in her life, she made the best of it and seemed to know that tomorrow would be a better day. And her sense of playful adventure always brought out the fun side of my own personality.

Meeting my Sagittarius matchmaker

When I was 17, Joann insisted she knew the "perfect" guy to set me up with. I really wasn't interested in being the victim of a matchmaking catastrophe, but how could I say no to a cousin of mine who always brightened my day? So, I went on this blind date and met the guy. I hated him! I remember saying to her, "Joann, what are you thinking, this guy is so different from me -- he's not my type!"

It was then that I received the best advice in the world as far as dating goes. Advice from the Sagittarius cousin who intuitively knew this date could be a lasting adventure. She looked at me in the ladies room (where I was trying to escape!), and said to me, "Maria, think of dating like baseball -- three strikes and he's out. You've got to him three chances. I know he's the perfect guy for you."

So I relented. We tried a second date. It was a little better. And then on the third date, just like Joann magically predicted, I realized that this man was something special and knew we could have a future together.

Six years later, thanks to my optimistic matchmaker, I married the man I met on a blind date. Of course Joann received an "honorary speech" and was grinning from ear to ear on our wedding night; going around to as many of the 275 guests she could in between her partying to announce that she was responsible for my marriage!

Ruled by happy-go-lucky Jupiter

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, giving this sign the capacity to think and to believe big. In fact, nothing this sign does is on a small scale. Luck is an ever-present condition in this signs life. But ask yourself why? Is it the optimism and eternal belief that the glass is half full that brings the luck to them, or is it the fortune of being ruled by expansive Jupiter that leads this sign to effortlessly (or so it seems) fall into the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow each and every time?

A mutable sign, Sagittarius knows when it's time to move on to broader horizons. Change is not something this sign is afraid of, and combined with the Jupiter ruler ship this sign will delight in travel as much as he possibly can. Sagittarius needs to explore the world in order to help him on his eternal spiritual quest for truth and knowledge.

If this sign has one fault, it's that they often become married to their version of the truth. Opinions are strong, and when you have a Fire sign with an agenda or strong belief system, you'd better watch out!

Still, don't be fooled by their deep thinking. This sign is FUN! A Fire sign ruled by Jupiter can be nothing less. You will always have a good time when a Sagittarius is in the room.

I find it no accident that a strong, but passing friendship in my life was to a Sagittarius I called my "fun friend." Born December 2, Victoria reminded me that being a married mother of two didn't mean having fun in life had to die. But more importantly, she introduced me to a whole new spiritual truth in my life. Although she thought of it as entertainment, I have to credit this old friend with igniting my passion in Astrology. And she just thought she was having some fun …

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