Sun in Scorpio

Your cosmic guide to life with the Sun in Scorpio

sun with scorpio zodiac symbol

Life's mysteries come into focus when the Sun moves into deep, intense Scorpio from October 22 to November 21, 2016. It's all about digging beneath the surface of everyday life and exploring hidden secrets to uncover the truth about ourselves, others and the world at large.

Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac, and we all adopt the Scorpion's intensity during this time. As the days grow shorter and autumn fades into winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the natural world begins to decay -- a reminder of our own mortality that awakens our curiosity about the meaning of life and its many realms.

Halloween, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead all take place under the influence of Sun in Scorpio, and that's no coincidence. It's time to look deeper, shine a light into the shadows and transform one another with truth.

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Here's how to make the most of life with the Sun in Scorpio:

What to do: Snoop! Scorpio wants answers, and the only way to get to the bottom of things is to ask a lot of questions, keep your eyes open and alert, and pick up your magnifying glass to investigate the mysteries surrounding you. If you're wondering about something, now's the time to find out!

What to say: Something intense and from the heart. Passionate Scorpio is known for having extremely strong feelings, even though they keep them hidden deep down inside. So don't hold back now -- say something deeply moving to someone you love.

Where to go: Scorpio is intrigued by the underworld and the unknown, so now is a great time to visit a mystery museum full of peculiarities, a spookhouse or even take a walk through the cemetery -- that's not morbid to Scorpio, it's simply fascinating to imagine the lives of all the people buried there.

What to wear: Dark sunglasses. Scorpio's eyes are the gateway to their soul, and while they are all-seeing, they don't always like letting others peer into their own souls. Cover your eyes with some sexy shades and go incognito now.

What to buy: Indulge Scorpio's love of mystery and shop for a good spy thriller, a detective movie or maybe some binoculars. Or maybe just fetch a new pair of sexy underwear you can keep secret from everyone -- or share with someone special.

What to watch out for: Scorpio is calm and cool on the outside, but they have a smoldering volcano of emotions buried within that can explode if provoked. That's when the Scorpio stinger will thrash! Watch out for feelings of jealousy, obsessive or compulsive behavior and sneaky stuff happening behind your back while Scorpio rules the Sun.

What to look forward to: Passion, sex and intimacy. Scorpio is deeply loving, and very willing to prove it in the bedroom. And because Scorpio is so willing to go deep and expose your most powerful feelings, this can be a time for shocking intimacy and growing closer in heartwarming (or sometimes even gut-wrenching) ways that can change you forever.

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